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17 Jul 2015 12:19

what do you think you can hide for ur partner in other not to hurt him or her

17 Jul 2015 17:25

Ur past

17 Jul 2015 17:29

every tin

17 Jul 2015 18:07

you may be disappointed when let him/her know everythings.... it's only Allah that good not to hide for!

17 Jul 2015 18:36

Things dat dose it nt concern her

17 Jul 2015 18:38

That am just hearten

17 Jul 2015 20:47

Anything that can hurt her

18 Jul 2015 00:07

how pass

18 Jul 2015 00:27

If its neccessary 2b hidden.

18 Jul 2015 00:36

it will be better you break down what type of partners you are talking about cos we have various types of partners

18 Jul 2015 00:59

notin to hide..because if time come d secret we still reveal itself

18 Jul 2015 01:26


18 Jul 2015 02:28

Anything That Will Hurt Her Should Be Hide

18 Jul 2015 02:56

Don't need too hid anything from her

18 Jul 2015 02:56

Trying to free in all your way

18 Jul 2015 08:56

Is not gud to hind anytin fr ur pertner bt in som situation gals hv to hinde tins exam som gals hv d guy dey wnt to marry nd dey we stil hv som guys dey ar deceive in orda to tak mone frm dem nd d guy plan such a gal nd rape her wit his frds nd lik six or seven if u ar a gal ar u goin to tel ur guy dat seven guys raped u today wen u ar try to tak money frm one of dem nd u use to take money frm him bfr.

18 Jul 2015 09:23

Hmmmm is not easy

18 Jul 2015 09:24

But think be4 you do is the best

18 Jul 2015 09:32


18 Jul 2015 09:33

But at the same time,,, if the love is still there nothing his goin to happen