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17 Jul 2015 09:16

A friend seek for my advice on this so I want you guys help and advice on this topic..

My colleague at work claimed that he had have
sex with my fiancee before and my lady claimed
to be a virgin girl....
have. been dating this lady for almost three
years now, she never allow me to have sex with
her, or make love with her, she claimed to be a
virgin, last Saturday my colleague took me home
after our outing and my lady came to open the
gate but my colleague had another appointment
which stop him from checking in but when he
was zoomed off he saw my lady but she didn't
recognise my friend...
to my surprise my colleague mentioned her name
and asked me when we met, i was surprise he
knew her name and he claimed she was her ex
girl, I didn't belief not until he show me the pic
the took together ...and he said since he lost his
phone and relocated from Ilorin to Lagos since
two years back they have lost contact..
now my colleague claimed that they have make
love before and this lady claim to be virgin
now am confuse and I love her so much and my
fear is I don't know her plan for me because my
colleague is a friend to me and someone I trust
what should I do?

17 Jul 2015 11:22


17 Jul 2015 11:26

for d lady to tell u dat she a vigin wich she not.she neval value u..take it or u leave

17 Jul 2015 11:34

fight for d person u lov or u
will lose her forever

17 Jul 2015 11:52

@ royal bros forget abt her but dis 1thing u need think "Never change ur originality for d sake of others " Becuz no one can play role better than you...... u are the best when you are you

17 Jul 2015 13:11

plzz call her and ask her if she still refuse to tell u d truth. tall abt ur frnd wit her and see hw she will act to dat. but if she is still prove she did nt knw any tin call ur frnd to d issue. tanx

17 Jul 2015 13:37

Fuck her n go or jus liv hr 2hr stupidity

17 Jul 2015 13:45

Exit de relationship with u & that girl

17 Jul 2015 13:52

quit d relationship.A STITCH IN TYM SAVES NINE!

18 Jul 2015 02:00

U gal is a beautiful liar,,,I wonder why lie so much,,,,even wen dey are guilty

18 Jul 2015 08:33

Thanks guys for your advice

18 Jul 2015 22:38

l will tell her to go

19 Jul 2015 16:50

I can't fight a woman that is not my wife and i can't trust in a woman whom is not my wife. In all this we need the grace of God to direct us to the right person. Find abundant life in jesus and love

19 Jul 2015 17:47

ok my broda,u need advice?hmm wat i can tel u nw z ask dt ur gal why she doesnt wnt 2 gv u sx.den ask her if she z doubtn u in ds rlatnshp.ask her mindset tward ur ds ur union.den listn 2 her reply.den logicaly search dt her phone weda u wl c dt ur friend among al try & knw if realy she z a virgn.dnt leav in a doubt mind

20 Jul 2015 00:10

If u love her then prove it, try to find out d truth bfor jumpin to conclusion. Ur friend might be lieing or ur girl mayb deceiving u, but there is only one way to find out. Take ur girl out to a special dinner, while in ur happy mood mention ur friend's name and watch her reaction. Ask her if she know someone lik dat but bfor then say sweet tings to her lik how much u love her. Make her realis u understand her no matter wat. Invite ur friend to join u then u will find out more. dig deep to know more, but don't act suspicious cos d presure will only make her lie.after d dinner excuse her lik y want to see ur friend off, then com back tak her home. Now look into her eyes ask her for d last time wat ever she tells u now will determine d faith of ur relationship. But my advice to u is if she confesses forgive her for d sake of ur love give her a second chance, mayb she is been looking for a way to tell u d truth but afraid of losing u. Bsides dat is nit enough reason to end a relationship. No one os perfect.

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20 Jul 2015 01:18

fuck her and go