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17 Jul 2015 02:47

Well i have been hearing that all men are the same all women are the same please help me but i really think men and women are all about 50--- 50 and besides all men are not the same and all all women and not the please so light on this men stand your grand and women stand your grand i need more light and more ideas, and tell me between the both who is more faithful in a relationship?

17 Jul 2015 02:48

Natural or not natural ?

17 Jul 2015 11:06

It depends

17 Jul 2015 11:16

All women can not b d same

17 Jul 2015 11:17

Quote by BeckyW
All women can not b d same

Likewise all men

17 Jul 2015 11:25

Women love most in relationship bt it is mostly depend hw the women handed their courtship.

17 Jul 2015 12:17

Haying for me you are right then why is it that we mean like double dating

17 Jul 2015 13:39


17 Jul 2015 14:28

It both depnds on d 2...u c if a man loves his woman then u wil c dat he will neva do anythin 2 hurt his woman but if he doesn't then na wash so as 4 women...blames goes much on men, 2 dis I feel its bcos men most times makes d move. With my past xperince I cn say if u realy wanna b faithful in ur relationship pray 2 God 2 giv u a faithful partner....dat na my own oh!

17 Jul 2015 15:02

Cnexy thank you i like what you said

17 Jul 2015 15:06

But what are those things women need mostly from men what can make them feel that yes this is the right man for me?

18 Jul 2015 02:03

All woman can nt be de same and all men are nt de same,,,bt I thing men are better dan woman somehow,,,,60_40

18 Jul 2015 02:07


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18 Jul 2015 02:19

2 know the right man 4u...1st of all ur own dedication matters, then check on him, how has he been putin his energy in talkin 2u(both on fone or wen u guys r 2geda) is he borin anytime he have u around him. Does he create tym 4 u...if yes 2 all dis quest then u nid 2 trust him but if yes 2 if he is borin den I guess he doesn't regard u cos he should always show mutual relationship wit u. But don't get carried away cos we are human and changes are inevitable...also pray 2 God 2 open ya eyes!

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18 Jul 2015 10:47

Both bt if u c a guy cheat a guy d guy is alredy bn cheated by anoda gal bfr nd d same gal cheated by dat guy hv cheat one guy bfr she met d guy dat cheat her,no guy wil eva pray to loss his 1st luv bt wen she cnt handle d situation of c her wit diff guys he wil b force to leav d gal,if any gal wnt to b since let dem tel hw dey seperate frm dia 1st luv wit no lie no gal i mean no gal is not involve is only a gal dat may fall in luv wit a guy dat hv relationship wit anoda gal bfr her may not involve bt a guy who neva dat any gal bfr nd a gal who neva date any guy bfr d gal is d reason of seperation by c her wit diff guys is only a gal dat wnt say d truth can say no.

19 Jul 2015 07:10

Woman easily love nd love most, but it takes time for man to love nd when he does, forget it! His love will superceed that of his woman... SHALOM

19 Jul 2015 16:53

Its complicated,cos in sum relationships guys love most,while sum girls love you can't really specify on which side that love most

19 Jul 2015 23:33

Its a mutual afair. Sometimes it seems women love more bcos they re too emotional and if a woman loves a man she doesn't fail to show it. But men in d other hand sometimes loves more but men always stay strong, but u will know by d way he cares and respects his woman. Infact its mutual.

18 Aug 2015 15:50

A woman live bear ur name,
leav her parents to spend d rest of her life wit a man,
Bear him children,
Cook, wash, suport, care and tolerate him.....mehn I give to d woman

18 Aug 2015 15:56
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