Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - difficult to trust the ones we love
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17 Jul 2015 02:06

I have always thought about this question so many times i don't know if am wrong or right, why is it that we fine it so difficult to trust the ones we love and why is it that we always wanna find out about how and what they are up to i mean being too much jealous is it natural or only If you want it to be that way friends help me i want some good answers please we are all humans we learn from another or we learn from experience thanks

17 Jul 2015 11:08

It's overzealousness

17 Jul 2015 11:23

Dat natul both boys and gals always
get jealous of deir self

17 Jul 2015 13:50

trust nbdy,fear nbdy,

17 Jul 2015 14:35

Its natural if I may say bt u nid 2 do or react in a positive way with tins or person dat comes across u...Sometyms it hapens just 4u 2 learn or get such experience but it doesn't mean it will always be like dat. It can always b like dat becos of d way u think or react with such situation...refresh ur mindset behold gud tins awaits u!

18 Jul 2015 02:06

If u like ur life,,,dnt trust woman nt all,,,,like me I luv my gal so mch,,,bt I dnt really trust her

18 Jul 2015 02:07

If u like ur life,,,dnt trust woman nt all,,,,like me I luv my gal so mch,,,bt I dnt really trust her,bcus u dnt kwn wht dey are up 2

18 Jul 2015 14:43

@ dikakelvin u said u lov ur gal
so much but u dont trust her let me
tell u dat is nt lov if u lov ur gal u ill
learn to trust her no matter what
dat thing u cal lov is passion

18 Jul 2015 14:47

Depending on hw both parties,understan their so cal luv,if each pasion their relationshp,dy wl trust their selves n value their relationshp??

18 Jul 2015 14:52

"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."

18 Jul 2015 15:05

I love my boi bt i don.t trust him if u love ur life don,t trust boys

18 Jul 2015 15:06


18 Jul 2015 15:28

Baby if there love very strong one @ dat I will trust

18 Jul 2015 15:31

"Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars."

18 Jul 2015 23:41

I dnt even truth dem atall

18 Jul 2015 23:42

then u dnt luv him

18 Jul 2015 23:57

love and trust go together, you can't love whom you didn't trust. and when you talk about trust , you should be specific because as lovers , you must trust yourselves on certain things or a thing. jealousy is part of love they say, yes if you love someone , you be jealous of certain things which shows that you are afraid of loosing that person or that he/she mean something to you. though it's hard to trust and you can't love without trust.

19 Jul 2015 00:17

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19 Jul 2015 00:37
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19 Jul 2015 17:02

The thing is that we don't even trust ourselves,so how do we trust others? Many trusted and end up dying.many trusted and end up hurting in one way or the other.many trusted and end up abundoned.many trusted and end up as for me i only choose to put all my trust in God and maybe my future wife to come