Nigerian forum: Jokes - Grammatic Headache
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12 Apr 2014 04:53

Abeg No Be Only Us Go Get This Grammar-Induced Headache !
Hon Patrick's reaction on the Centenary Celebration:
"Now that we are opprobriously breasting the terminus ad quem of a scabrous, putrescent, salacious, obscene and flagitious powwow in the name of a centenary abracadabra, let us be sanguine that our bucolic presidential minders would be stir themselves from their deprecated inebriety of hedonism, narcissism and epicureanism and confront the reality of navigating our rudderless ship of state from eschewable terra incoginatas to terra firmas......"
Kai! Which one are you going to buy now, Panadol or Paracetamol?
And you even understand anything inside? Help us explain oh.

30 Dec 2014 21:28

Na the both i go buy o and i l l even take overdose

1 Feb 2015 22:18

Dis one no b here wooo...

27 Oct 2016 22:44