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16 Jul 2015 13:11

Please your advice is needed

I have been in a relationship with this lady for
more than three years, we both love each other
and we are planning to settle down, but my lady
do complain that I have never satisfy her on bed,
naturally for me I can't do more than two rounds
on a row but she always want more, she told me
to check on my self. I went to doctor for check
up and he said am okay and I also took herbs
which makes me feel that I am okay, my first
round is like 15mins and second is like 30mins
which is my daily limit
my girl told me to improve on my sexual life, I
spoke with counsellor and he told me that we
are not sexually compatible that I should let her
know I can't do more than date before marriage
Although I and my lady do ѕєє!!! Each other once
in a month due to our work but now that am
planning to settle down with her do you think the
issue of this sex limit can affect our marriage?
Pls I need your advice because broken
relationship is better than broken marriage??
Pls what is your say???

16 Jul 2015 22:54

Well my dear,i have heard from different ladies that they can not marry someone who cannot satisfy them,think before u go into that marriage because women can go to any length 2 get what they want

16 Jul 2015 23:02

na wa o,DAT ur babe na sex machine sorry to say o sex no be food o

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16 Jul 2015 23:07

hmm my advice to u is to let her knw ur capacity on bed, if she can endure with it or not. but pls dnt hear frm the audience ask frm her she has the final says

16 Jul 2015 23:14

It will, u r just not sexually compatible, if u marry with sentiments u nay regret it later, this is a sign bcos she will get tired n try it outside, did I hear u cry infidelity? D time for decision is now

16 Jul 2015 23:34

Pls broke this relationship because if u married that girl she we later go out and do rubbish

16 Jul 2015 23:53

Sex has sixe she is biger then u.but no sngul man on earth can satisfly lady.

17 Jul 2015 01:04

Earlier d better, just broke d relationship now be4 is lead to marriage...cus u Av nt settle down wit her, she ask for more...tell me, if u marry her hw wud u cope wit her...see lemme tell u, if u don't give her wat she need u wud see her going out wit different men even in ur present cuz she has told u before u marry her...she kws her limit., so do wat is right brother! Av a nice time

17 Jul 2015 01:27

Wow......15mt 1st round 30mt 2sd round =45mt hm na 1st half u play so e remain 2sd half nd if u no soccur go na extra time o be careful dt gul pass u

17 Jul 2015 03:58

Bro, the issue of sexual satisfaction especially in marriages is a very important one. Lack of sexual satisfaction has torn many homes/relationship apart.

So, I'll advice you to either get ready to satisfy your woman, or get out of that relationship while it is still day.

17 Jul 2015 06:21

do not marry her

17 Jul 2015 08:43

How sure are you dat you are de only1 havin sex with her, for her 2 be telling dat you are not good on bed na wa o, you ave 2 be careful

17 Jul 2015 09:19

nna meh..!! Dat ur babe na horse..? I neva c 4 dz b4. My beta plan 2 u b say,if she neva understnd u at dat.,my dear abeg run 4 ur lyf 2 avoid "Dying in active service..

17 Jul 2015 10:19

To my own view, pls let her go. Like u said, broken relationship is better dan broken marriage.

17 Jul 2015 10:56

Firstly, why will u engage in Sex out of marriage, even if u eventually marry each other, the spirit of trust will later diminish and cheat on each other, dis is a rubbish topic jare.

18 Jul 2015 08:37

Hmmmmmmm nice one guys

18 Jul 2015 09:24

No man can satisfy gal coz if i can hand a gal i dnt even knw wen i can tire myself one day my galfrd just come to me after sex she den tel me luk at hw his manhood is small nd i ask her is it today u c it dat is small i mean wat am sayin i tel u wat am telin u hpn in march since den she dnt eva allow me to toch her nd i hv anoda gal nw nd d gal use to complain abt d same manhood dat it is too big bt i cnt hlp myself bt to force out one day fr d gal dat d gal am datin bfr told me dat my manhood is small nd u ar here say is big fr u nd d gal rply do u knw d kind of manhood men use to hv sex wit her dat is wen i sense dat bfr d day she came to tel me dat my manhood is small anoda guy hv sex her.

18 Jul 2015 09:25

Til nw d gal dnt allow me to toch her.

18 Jul 2015 09:30

If u marry such a gal she wil liv u at home nd go out to take wat she wnt wat she do dnt affect me only bcz we ar yet to marry bt if we ar alredy marry if she luv me nd dnt wnt to divorce me she wil surely go to d guy dat hv sex wit her wit d big manhood she wnt evrytime dan gv me much importance so becareful fr such a gal if a gal can complain abt small dick hw can a gal dat hv no satisfaction on bed wil do.

18 Jul 2015 09:35

So u beta find a gal dat we tel u u ar too strong fr her to handle dan a gal dat wil tel u u cnt satisfy her.