Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Cheating in a relationship; what's your view?
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15 Jul 2015 16:13

Relationship cheating is a very common occurrence. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance you eventually will.
A lot of men who are in serious relationships usually end up cheating after a couple of years. The reason is simple; men stuck in long-term relationships feel they are missing out on something. Most of the time, these men cheat because they are frustrated and need to get it out of their systems.
There are many reasons for infidelity such as revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty, sexual addiction. But experts say that a large majority of the time, motivations differ by gender, with men searching for more sex or attention and women looking to fill an emotional void.
It's quite phenomenal how far women have come in this world, from women's lib, entering the workforce, becoming professionals, breadwinners of the family, and now getting their needs met; even if it means cheating. Now get ready to see what I reveal about why women cheat. "Lack of attention and intimacy", I wanted to prove that I was desirable. I wanted to show my boyfriend that he was lucky to have me, that I could hurt him, that I was someone’s first choice, that I, too, was a catch and not just a burden. This r few examples of men and women cheating.
Men cheats, women cheats, everybody cheats; what do you think about cheating in a relationship?

15 Jul 2015 19:03

Cheat in any relationship is destructive

16 Jul 2015 00:34

Is difficult??