Nigerian forum: Culture - is it possible for a muslim man or woman to marry a christian?
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15 Jul 2015 14:48

can that be possible?

16 Jul 2015 17:01

maybe yes or no

16 Jul 2015 17:02
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16 Jul 2015 17:04

yes Muslim man can marry Christian

16 Jul 2015 17:08


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16 Jul 2015 17:16

Yes very much possible and it happens and always happen till the end of time.

16 Jul 2015 17:20

Yes. As long dia is understanding.

16 Jul 2015 17:32

Yes It Can Happen If God Says Dat Is Ur Husband In Muslim Or Wife In Christain

16 Jul 2015 19:10
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16 Jul 2015 21:11

Yes it can vry well as long as dere is luv nd undastndin between dem nd xpiecially if dey r destined 2 b

16 Jul 2015 21:16

is possible so far they
love each other

16 Jul 2015 21:52

over my dead bdy i wil nev marry dem no matt wht

16 Jul 2015 21:54

I think so

16 Jul 2015 21:57

Its possible but understanding must be there if the husband is muslim it must be know by both that we are going to be of one religion not that one will be one and the other to be another no that is not it understanding that we shall be of one religion god is one

16 Jul 2015 21:58

i pray it shld nt happen 2 me cos i cnt marry a nt believer regli

16 Jul 2015 22:00

there's a lot of muslim men and women so find for your chose!

16 Jul 2015 22:12

I wonder how some people were just saying what they disided islam have already give the answer of your qouestion so late go back to school and read or larn more about islam

16 Jul 2015 22:13

Who are the not believer religion? Is possible since they love each other but no muslim want to marry a Christian because they always think Christian is not an acceptable religion.

16 Jul 2015 22:19

Dats absolutely a superb fallacy

16 Jul 2015 22:21

Dis one get as e be ooooooooo

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