Nigerian forum: MoboFree news - BUYERS BEWARE!!!
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14 Jul 2015 12:59

When I joined mobofree 3yrs ago... Everything here are very real but today stones has already joined the diamonds and they wanted to spoil this site.
lss brothers here... a lot of fraudulent activities are going on here. one of them that I have came across are Olasope from Nigeria and Jessy_Jessy5000 from UK. they are 419, pls don't play your money with anyone on this site. pls! don't send money to anyone,either for transport or for visa documents. learn from me brothers. I have been robbed here and blocked by the same people. If any lady wanted to visit you brothers, let them use their money for transport and if any lady said She wanted to take you to UK where she is, but she will link you to BHC agent for documents, don't give them money. I have been robbed with over 70K here. Don't be a victim.