Nigerian forum: Music - what you want to become in 20years time
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14 Jul 2015 09:59

who do you want to be like in 20years time?

14 Jul 2015 11:24

A good citizinship

14 Jul 2015 12:01

I want to be successful,

14 Jul 2015 12:57

A successful married lady in my field

14 Jul 2015 13:11

I pray to become a person in d world

14 Jul 2015 13:39


14 Jul 2015 15:33

I want to become a more time trillionaire. And a world philiantropist .

14 Jul 2015 15:44

I want 2 be a generious nd rich person

14 Jul 2015 16:22

Successful and famous

14 Jul 2015 16:24

Quote by Praise796
who do you want to be like in 20years time?

14 Jul 2015 16:24

i want to become happiess person and submit myself to almighty ALLAH(GOD).

14 Jul 2015 16:26

i want to be like GOD fearing man.

14 Jul 2015 16:27

I want to became the most successful person in the world.

14 Jul 2015 16:46

am seeing myself as multi billionaire like dangote courtesy of Oriflame cosmetics

14 Jul 2015 16:50

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14 Jul 2015 17:04


14 Jul 2015 17:10

I want to become one of the famous preacher of the gospel.

14 Jul 2015 17:57


14 Jul 2015 18:03

i want to be a living legend

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14 Jul 2015 19:00

must popular musicians. in th world