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14 Jul 2015 02:44

How did u guys understand love? What is love all about? Jst list types of love u are aware of

14 Jul 2015 13:41

Love is life

14 Jul 2015 13:42

Agape is a type of love

14 Jul 2015 15:15

Love,christ,agape,pleasure n lost.

14 Jul 2015 19:49

Love is evrytin

14 Jul 2015 20:44
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14 Jul 2015 20:51


14 Jul 2015 23:32

agape's love
Love for marriage
mere love

14 Jul 2015 23:45

Love is an affectionate devotion that carries a passionate message.

Love is the feeling you feel when you feel the feeling you are feeling is a feeling you've never felt before.

Love is a verb,it's an action word! It shows in your action. Sacrifices are vital in loving someone.

15 Jul 2015 00:01

my name is murtala i tex my blod in madical ceter for katsina state my doctor he naveredy to give my resould

15 Jul 2015 00:06

love is life bort some time is dange i sow maney someting about lovering

15 Jul 2015 00:08

Like wat my guy

15 Jul 2015 00:10

What did u hav to say about my post check it jealous/annoyance?

15 Jul 2015 00:12

So long as am concerned, love is admiration, passion & respect. Out of this three: if you have one, you have nothing. Two, you have enough but if you can have all the three then you dont have to die to go to heaven.

15 Jul 2015 00:34

Love s feeling

15 Jul 2015 00:58

Love is an action that u feel nd express to your love ones

15 Jul 2015 01:21

Love Is An Affection

15 Jul 2015 01:35

A women man see firstime ask money easy

15 Jul 2015 02:01

Ife lakoja ofin is special tins in life

15 Jul 2015 03:04

Love na wash