Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Can we really find true love in mobofree?
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13 Jul 2015 19:43

I have b thinking about dis sup topic because there is no,i am in a relationship here everybody body are singles,i view a lady profile her age was 39 but she is a single,so i want to ask can someone fine a true love here?

14 Jul 2015 09:30

yes if they are trust dem xelf and hv faith

14 Jul 2015 09:33

I intend 2 find one.......#who_knows

14 Jul 2015 13:47


14 Jul 2015 17:18

nt wit blacks

14 Jul 2015 17:18

nt wit Africans

14 Jul 2015 17:23

They are all mother f**kers, %98 of them are Scammers, Take heed bro

14 Jul 2015 17:28

Never add a Girl with only one dp, They are Scammers

14 Jul 2015 18:33

am yet to see any, but I blyf DAT one day I will see one

14 Jul 2015 18:58

You can find love on mobofree if you don't have unreasonable demands and ready to find love......many people in mobofree are looking for relationship, others are looking for love while some are here to scam....... I'm saying this cos I found love here sometimes ago though things later didn't work out, that's why I'm here again........... Lots of people are single and really looking for love, a 39 year old lady is looking for marriage not useless relationship that leads nowhere so you shouldn't expect her to be friends with people in 20s and 30s who are the majority on mobofree.

14 Jul 2015 22:51

not only Mobofree even in this life,only GOD knows.

15 Jul 2015 00:29

Yes! But the truth is they are just few.

15 Jul 2015 00:33

Yes of cus

15 Jul 2015 00:33

I strongly believe i will find true love that wil lead to marriage here and that is why i dnt keep premature minds or teenagers as friends cause they are of no use and they cannever give me what i want, which is serious and everlasting relationship.

15 Jul 2015 00:33

u can see true love if u can play mature game

15 Jul 2015 00:38
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15 Jul 2015 00:39


15 Jul 2015 03:47

you can find love, depends on how real you come out to be and how you take and treat people.....That's it.instagram users pls follow me @diamondbite and i will sure follow u

15 Jul 2015 08:19

Yes you can if you have patient and must be wise in choosing,I met mine on mobofree and very happy too

15 Jul 2015 08:31

True luv, hw true is it. is there really true luv, wen ladies re after ur p0cket.