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13 Jul 2015 16:53


“I wasn’t planning to be kidnapped by a vampire!”
“Not kidnapped, chosen.”
“It looks like kidnapping to me! I didn’t want to go and you forced me.”
“The contract you’ve signed forced you.”
“Tomato, tomahto!”
The vampire laughed, he actually let out a sizzling laughter that made Jade stare at him. Then he stopped and leaned closer to her face. “You look kind of hot when you look at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Would it all be better if I’d kiss you?”
“Of course not!”
“Are you sure? You look like you are in need of a kiss, maybe more than one. What do you say? Let’s just get over with this sexual tension between us and get along.”
“If you even try, I’ll smack you!”
(..)“Jade, you are mine now and there is no way to escape me.” She recoiled in panic, afraid of his words. “We are just skipping some steps, love. Some dates and some romantic dinners. You will learn to love me, obey me and do whatever I want to please me. Now be a good girl and kiss me.”
“I will do no such thing,” she gasped, trying to pull him back with her hands, but incapable of making him even move an inch.

“I can resist anything except temptation.” – Oscar Wilde
In a world where vampires are accepted and revered, one girl has the bad luck of being chosen to be a vampire’s mate.
Jade wants nothing to do with that silly contest: “Who Wants to be a Vampire?”. In that reality show, every week, girls and boys are chosen by famous vampires to try to make them fall in love and become themselves a vampire and their companion for eternity.
Against her best judgement, she goes to the club to support her best friend, but ends up by being chosen by a hot and insufferable vampire, who she would rather put a stake to his heart than leave with him to his place.
All she has to do is to endure his presence for one week, and she is free. However, maybe one week will be enough to make her change her mind, and fall in love or maybe there is some other dark secret behind the vampire’s choice.
[The story you are about to read is intended for readers age 18+ due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.]

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Chapter one – Bachelor party

Last thing that Jade wanted was to follow her best friend Jenna to that idiotic place, where people would beg and do anything to get picked by a vampire to get turned or be his personal pet for a week!
She sure didn’t want to be one! Vampire, I mean nor a pet as a matter of fact. Her favorite color was pink for God’s sake!
That was why when she got in that place, that looked more like a fancy nightclub than anything, she tried to stay out of sight, while Jenna went to flirt and try to find a sexy vampire willing to adopt her. She even went to the darkest corner of that place, away from the crowd of dancing bodies and flirting humans trying to get attention. There were scary groups of groupies there with a pic of some vampire guy, hugged like if a treasure. Of course that the vampire guy was gorgeous.
Big deal! They would normally pick the gorgeous ones to be one of them. He had been once a singer in some boys band. She wasn’t sure anymore which, since it’s been a while since he was famous for singing. Now he was famous for doing movies and for being a hot vamp. He was going by the name Harry the last few decades, with his perfect curly hair and deep blue eyes. (a/n: It isn’t Harry Styles -.-‘)
Since Jade was not even interested in being a vampire or a vampire pet, she didn’t need to worry about looking pretty. She was just fine in her pink tank and blue pair of skinny jeans.
All the screaming and the colorful lights were giving her a headache. And Jenna was nowhere to be found. She was probably making out with one of those creepy cold bloodsuckers.
Who wanted to be a vampire anyway?
They couldn’t get out in the daylight, they couldn’t live without drinking blood, which was disgusting! They were cold, creepy and had a god complex! Oh, yeah, there was that thing of supposed immortality, but losing one’s soul, the ability to face the sun and the need for blood were pretty much a deal breaker. At least for Jade, because the cult around them was growing fast the last years, since they came out of the coffin and into the spotlights.
“Excuse me.” Jade heard behind her back, after someone cleared his throat.
It was a man’s voice and it scared the crap out of her. She jumped in her pants and held her chest, while her heart raced and almost came out by her mouth. She thought she was all alone there, safe from danger and from people or alike. So, how could someone be behind her? There was a wall behind!
“Sorry about that, but you are kind of in my way,” the man said and Jade looked back and saw the open door behind the man.
She could swear that the door was not there before. Then she looked at the body that was at that moment in front of her face. Her face was just in front of his chest and was a rather sculptured and interesting chest. He was wearing a black cotton sweater that molded his ripped torso perfectly. He had nice abs and he smelled nice too. Probably because of some ridiculous expensive men’s cologne.
“So –” the guy sighed with impatience, “are you moving?”
Jade blushed for acting so silly and staying like a mummy in front of him. She found her voice and was able to look up to his face. “Sorry,” she mumbled and then she lost her voice again, noticing the serious face of the man that was looking at her; his heavenly, gorgeous and breathless face with a stunning pair of blue eyes. Her mouth went dry and her palms sweated as she stepped away to the other side to let him pass.

13 Jul 2015 16:54

He didn’t even give her a second stare. “Stupid humans,” he growled between his teeth and moved forward, leaving the scent of sweet and spicy behind him.
For his words, she instantly understood that he was a vampire. She honestly thought that vampires smelled badly like dead flowers bad or something like that. Anyway, he could be gorgeous, but he was also a vampire and rude enough! He was probably late to find his blonde chick so he could have his late night snack.
She hadn’t have time to do anymore conjectures, because a cute little teen with golden locks came out from the same door in the wall. Jade found her pretty, but also found her choice of clothes really odd. She looked like a cartoon girl from the Japanese mangas. She was wearing a sort of doll dress, a short and all black Victorian alike dress and a magician hat on her head. She also had lace gloves in her hands. However, she had a nice happy smile on her face and she actually looked at Jade and winked at her, giggling.
Then the door closed with a swift movement and all that was left was the wall. It was a secret passage of some sort. Jade sighed deeply. She had no peace there, she could not even be safe in some far away place next to the wall, without a vampire appearing there and creeping her out!
A loud squeezing sound of a mic made everybody shut up for a bit. It was time for the show. Girls and boys would be picked and taken by their new vampire masters. Some fancy vampire man would go to the stage and would read names or point at the crowd. Some screaming and hysterical girls and boys would jump and be thrilled for being vampire snack and to have a chance of convincing one of them to turn them.
It was a clever idea. She had to give them credit, to the vampires, not the human. Like that they didn’t need to hunt for food. Food would walk right in by their front door and would beg them to be eaten. They would even profit with the money people paid to get in and the profits from the show that was every Sunday night broadcasted alive to the entire country. Only in sponsorship with would be a crazy amount of money and it was one of the most popular and seen show in all the world! Crazy, right?
Jade did a vomit face just for thinking about it. At least, deaths by vampire attacks were diminishing and the vampire population was under control, because it was rare for them to actually turn someone. They would just use the show as bait to make people donate their bodies and their blood willingly with a smile on their lips for a vague promise of immortality.
Like expected, after a lot of talking and a lot of drama the show host began to pair the girls and boys, calling their names, with the vampires that were at that moment in the stage waiting. It was normally the same vampires every week. One of them was that gorgeous guy the groupies were sighing with his pic in their hands.
When the chosen girls were brought to the stage they would hug each other like best friends and would scream and jump like they had just win the Miss Universe Pageant Beauty Contest.
Jade was feeling that night like a complete waste of her time. She had better things to do. She didn’t even watch that on TV! How did she get convinced by Jenna? Right, she had promised to get Stevie to school for a whole month. At least, it was finally over and she could go home.
“And now, the host of this party will pick one of you to spend an entire week with him and maybe turn her into his mate. You heard me right – his mate! Our famous bachelor is looking for a companion for Eternity! You can be that lucky one,” the show host happily informed, pointing a finger at the crowd and making girls released shrinks of excitement.

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That was a first. Jade stared at the stage intrigued, almost becoming deaf with the screams and shouts the girls were doing so the eligible vampire bachelor would pick them.
“You heard that?” Jenna mysteriously appeared next to Jade, gripping her arm tight, jumping on her tiny sexy red dress and making her blond hair bouncing up and down together with her boobs. Jenna was blond and pretty, maybe she would get picked and would stop getting her into trouble and inside parties like that one. But then she would miss her!
“We can still be picked!” Jenna said with enthusiasm and Jade stared at her with grumpy eyes.
“I’m not blonde and I don’t want to be picked. I’m here against my will.”
“Oh, stop being such an old lady and have fun!”
Jade was going to answer her, but something called her attention from the corner of her eye. In the stage a tall, black-haired vampire stepped in and with his blue piercing eyes stared coldly at the crowd. He looked familiar and he also looked as bored to be there as Jade and that made her smirk, while everybody went all quiet and mesmerized by him.
Then it hit her. It was the rude vampire that had come out of the secret passage. She had almost put aside that unpleasant moment of her night. He was intimidating, even more in the stage. He was gorgeous, but he looked scary too. His eyes were trailing on the crowd, one time, two times, many girls were holding their breath, while Jade was just trying to free her arm from Jenna’s gripping hand. She was hurting her!
“This is stupid! I’m leaving,” Jade muttered between her teeth and pushed Jenna away.
She was about to leave, when she heard a creepy and authoritative voice say: “You!”
The vampire had picked his new prey. She could care less about who the poor bastard was. She just sighed, bit her nail and stared at Jena.
“Can we go now?”
However, Jenna was really quiet and serious as if in shock. When Jade looked at the really silent crowd, a bunch of eyes were staring at them both. It was not her impression, they were staring at them!
“Me?” Jenna asked, suddenly shy or perplexed. She was clearly looking at and talking to the vampire.
Jade was mortified! She was losing her best friend to a vampire! What horror could she experience?
“No!” The vampire’s answer sounded like a thunder hitting the ground. “You,” he said with a renew strong and powerful voice, that made Jenna stare at Jade and Jade stare at the stage, noticing his finger pointing at her direction.
Was he choosing her? No way! He had to be kidding. That was a sick joke?
“Come again?” Jade asked, swallowing hard and feeling the blood leave her face.
“Go get her!” The vampire ordered, and the spotlights of cameras followed the two big and strong men in expensive grey Italian suits. They were probably his bodyguards.
“But I’m not even blonde!” Jade complained not believing what was happening to her. She didn’t have time to think about it, because the two strong men held her by her arms and took her to their master.

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Wow! so so interesting. ....

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Very interesting

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Is that all?Anyway it is very interestin

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U shld have cut it into episodes

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This is 3 episodes in 1

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It's interesting... Nice fiction

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Guys am so sorry for late updates, have been really busy, update will be coming up shortly, love ya'll

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Guys who remember this actor, name him if you know him or have seen him in any movie you have watched before....

Mine is Damon --- Vampires Diaries

Chapter TWO

The camera spotlights had disappeared in the place that Jade was taken with Jenna following her and the two gorilla men. She was just loosen when she was in front of the vampire that had picked her like she was some pair of shoes.
She glared at him, he stared coldly at her.
“She will do,” he said after putting his hand on her face, studying her like if she was an exotic animal.
“She will most definitely not do,” Jade disagreed, taking his creepy cold hand of her face and stepping back. “She is a person and she doesn’t want anything to have with you,” she added and crossed her arms, defying him with a piercing pair of hazelnut eyes and a cute small and perky nose.
The vampire smirked at her, not seeming intimidated by her. And why should he? He could smash her with a finger and she was not actually scary or intimidating.
“Did you sign the papers when you entered here today?” he asked and Jade got intrigued by it.
“Yes,” she answered, pursing her lips and trying to remember if she had read it before she had signed it. She remembered she complained about signing the weird paper to get in, but Jenna had rushed her to hurry and without signing she couldn’t get in. Well, it seemed that not reading it had been a big mistake!
“Did you use a fake ID to get in?”
“No!” She seemed outraged by that question.
“Then,” he said leaning his face over hers, making her swallow hard and be hit by his scent. She had to admit it that he smelled good, damn good actually. He looked good too, very healthy for someone who was dead. “You are mine for at least a week,” he informed and then he smirked like if he just enjoyed to rub it on her face. She began to dislike very much his pretentious smirks. He looked evil! “You, humans, should read contracts before signing them,” he added.
Jade closed her hand in fist and gripped her jaw, if she could kill with her eyes, he would burst into flames. Just her damn luck to be chosen by an arrogant and creepy bloodsucking who thought he knew it all!
“Let’s go. I have somewhere else to be and my time is short,” he said impatient, motioning her to follow him like an obedient little pet.
He moved forward with his small army of bodyguards behind. And Jade didn’t move an inch.
The vampire stopped, noticing she was not following him. He looked sideways and breathed deep as if he actually needed oxygen. He was probably losing his patience. She could care less.
“Do I need to drag you?” He asked with an implied menace in his tone.
“I want to read the contract,” she said stubborn like always and Jenna touched her arm, afraid of what would happen. Everybody knew that vampires shouldn’t be defied.
“You should just go. I can explain your brother what happened and take care of him. It is just for a week anyhow,” Jenna mumbled in her ear.
“Not before I read the contract.”
“You can read it in the limo,” the vampire said, coming back to her side.
“Goodie, goodie!” A girl cheerfully squealed of excitement next to Jade, catching her attention. “I’ll have a new friend to play.”
Jade looked at the girl and recognized the Japanese dressing alike manga girl. She still thought the girl was weird, but also nice. She looked genuinely happy like she had a new toy. That was creepy enough and she tried to breathe deep and stop the terror from spreading deep inside her skin. She was regretting that fateful moment when she had agreed to go out with Jenna.

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“You will like us. We are nice,” the girl said with happy face.
Somehow, Jade seriously doubted that. She wanted to run away and get the hell out of that place.
“Name?” The vampire asked next to her, extremely close, too damn and creepy close. She didn’t want to touch him, she was afraid of the coldness of the paleness of his skin. Even if he smelt so nice, that wasn’t enough reason to be next to him now she knew he was a vampire. The closeness made her shiver and step farther from him. He noticed it and his eyes became darker. Jade would almost think that he got offended, if she didn’t know best.
“Name?” He asked again with darker voice.
“Jade – Sullivan,” she replied, feeling really scared for the first time. “I have a job to go, bills to pay and classes to attend. Pick someone else, one of those extra-large boobs’ chicks with nothing better to do.”
“Pick me,” Jenna said hopeful and Jade just rolled her eyes.
After a scary moment of him staring at Jade, he said a round and certain: “No.”
Jade gasped impatiently. She felt like to growl and tell him to go to hell and rot there for all the eternity.
“Here is the contract,” one man said, arriving next to them, breathless and waving a sheet.
“Happy readings,” the vampire said, giving her the paper that she took. “Now,” he added, gripping to her arm and giving her the chills. Turmoil took over her stomach and her breathing got erratic. “Come!”
And she followed him, unwillingly, she felt as if all her perfect world was crumbling down. Her future looked dark. Who knew what scary and weird things he wanted to do to her?

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Interesting, keep it up

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Find abundant life in jesus and get ride of sexual urge in ur life

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