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13 Jul 2015 14:35

Girls, dnt u belive u have problem about gyes,like one girl are real name is dores,nickname is{honeymoon} in my street she go dey form like president child,but are parent was not get cingbay,are mama she dey sell peper,when are daddy was drive bus,are daddy an mum join hand togthr send him highinstitution,when she rich school,she no face study but she face postiteud,are mama an papa no no sey ar life, dont rust like condem battry,him go dey follow big man go club,now she no no certain pelsin who give am pregnant,like 5men 7gye,was fight 4or it............ladys have problem name like ,honey,sweetgirl,angel,sekxygel...........Huuuuuuuunn take it slow..........

14 Jul 2015 00:04

Lolz but it is true sha

14 Jul 2015 09:35

I believe it but most of are lady that come 4m a poor family can do it not all. Let thank God 4 the lady that she can see some numbers of man and guy fighting of the pregnant.

15 Jul 2015 14:42

That is true.