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12 Jul 2015 22:43

Guys amaze me smtimes hw wil a guy just see u d first day nd say i wnt to marry u..even sm1 who is old enough to be ur father... pls u guys shud contribute

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14 Jul 2015 03:05

Dat is v:v bad of dew

14 Jul 2015 03:14

What about girls seen u the first time, an start asking u for money an recharge cards??? Is also disgusting

14 Jul 2015 23:59

Not all girls

15 Jul 2015 00:02

Nt all girls request for recharge card u're right but 99% of girls on mobofree do ok

28 Jul 2015 17:33

It's reciprocal!...A girl determine how she will be treated, especially on online basis.
Just imagine a lady requesting for money from a guy just meeting and the same thing go for guys.
Above all,both guys and ladies should hold their dignity.

3 Aug 2015 07:04

its not bad for a man to ask for marriage. its left for you to yes or no even ignore

10 Aug 2015 18:50


12 Aug 2015 00:48

Then d same goes 2 d guys...

12 Aug 2015 00:52

Yea I just lyk ur post...d fact is we both amaze ourselves. Ladies will say guys, guys will say ladies but I guess d ball is rolling in everyone's court, so every should know how it rolls. But sometimes u don't know if dat person realy meant it and if u give in, honestly ur faith here is gonno lead u.

15 Aug 2015 17:25

@ugfine..i gues d man was jst being straight forward and brief..buh to me,he's a fool..ladies hrt is lik a scattered puzzle,it mst b arrange 1st,b4 anytin reason cn go into and come out of it

13 May 2016 10:41

D man is not wise. but wat abt ladies dat just sign in now, d next status update is "here is my numba, u can cal me" 4 wat? Who demands 4 dat. Odas wil say "am here 4 home service, pls cal me". Is here a site 4 prostitution? Odas on d 1st chat wij a guy wil ask: "ar u living alone? Do u hav a big dick? Can u satisfy me, i want 2 visit u". All on d first chat.

13 May 2016 13:59

My brother things are really happening

13 May 2016 16:05

I think we need to amend our ways both genders

21 May 2016 14:58

Quote by ugfine650
Not all girls

Not all guys either.