Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Do you think people should rush into marriage because they are advancing in age™??
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8 Jul 2015 11:35

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8 Jul 2015 15:56

Nooo,Marriage is nt a jorni of Month bt 4 life,so u need nt to rush in cos u ar Advanced in agd,bcos at d end u wil stil dash or rush out again,al u need to do is b prayerful nd wait patiently 4 God to choose d Bones Of Ur Own Rib 4 u...Wen u wait u wil av a happi hme nd laugh a better laugh.

8 Jul 2015 17:31

Age Has Nothing To Do With Marriage...If U Mature In Age Ad U Are Not Mature Inside U Cant Handle Marriage..Marriage Is A Gradual Process.....If U Rush In,u Will Rush Out...Is Good For One To Take His Or Her Time In Term Of Marriage.....May God Help Us

8 Jul 2015 17:54

Age and marriage are so different... Marriage cnt jxt be determined by age i believe everytinx av time

8 Jul 2015 18:45

Marriage isn't something one can jump into because one is growing old; instead one should be watchfull, prayerfull and hope in God for a good wife/husband.

8 Jul 2015 18:52

Marriage is for matured minds.

8 Jul 2015 19:09
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8 Jul 2015 19:17

That's one craziest mistake nobody should make on earth ok pals.. How ever, that should not give any aging persons the reason to be over sellective and Miss the right bus at the bus stop oo eh!

8 Jul 2015 20:27

Well,marriage is not a rushin thin and people must tk note of dat.i need a gud girl in my life as a wife who is after marrg

8 Jul 2015 21:23

to be late is better cos God's time is the best

8 Jul 2015 21:25


8 Jul 2015 22:47

no its nt ideal

8 Jul 2015 22:50

If u rush in u rush out

8 Jul 2015 22:57

Capita. NO

8 Jul 2015 23:22

Rush in all join u go cry out

8 Jul 2015 23:58

Yes experience is dere wot abt lyfe & archivements

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9 Jul 2015 00:15

U shud understand eachothers attitude, characters,4get abt d age,age is a number.

9 Jul 2015 00:34

It al depend on d person involve as 4me i wil nt rush into marriage because am old

9 Jul 2015 00:45

it is not gud 4 som1 to rush into marriage bcuz if som1 rush into marriage he or she can be married to or by som1 dat does not suit dia life.
My advice is dat every wait until God send his or her, wife or husband to him or her.

9 Jul 2015 01:52

make una marry una choice oooo