Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Do you think a woman’s real character can be determined by the way she dresses??
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6 Jul 2015 10:36

your thought are

7 Jul 2015 12:42


7 Jul 2015 12:54


7 Jul 2015 13:06

No joor

7 Jul 2015 13:10


7 Jul 2015 13:11

U can't judge a woman with the way she dress..

7 Jul 2015 13:21

to some extent it can b determined, of wat attitude can u describe a lady who do put on a transparents clothe and walks around d street. d pant she puts on are seen each day.

7 Jul 2015 13:24

Dressing Play A Part Of Identity Representation To Life Reasoning. No Father, Will Want His Child To Associate With A Persons Whose Dressing Is Considered Indecent To Eyes View. A Part Of Persons Character, Is Revealed From Dressing.

7 Jul 2015 13:43

Yes, its cn b determin.

7 Jul 2015 13:45


7 Jul 2015 13:51


7 Jul 2015 14:08

Yes to some degree, ur dressing say much of u than wt u say or do. That is why they say dress in a way u want to be addressed.

7 Jul 2015 14:19

To some extent but not in all sense. In d western Country their wealther dictate the way they dress. Here 2 ur Mood or d occassion suggest d way u dress.

7 Jul 2015 14:39

Dressing is different from character

7 Jul 2015 14:42

not completely

7 Jul 2015 14:47

the way u dressed is hw people will address u,there is no two ways abt dat

7 Jul 2015 14:49

Nope but wen is comes to maturety is matters maturity. Yes cus apparance shows manner

7 Jul 2015 14:51

Some pple address a woman based on characters and not dress

7 Jul 2015 14:55

Simply means what is inside person is what someone is doing outside of body,if you are not a prostitute or if you are a decent person you can't dress like indecent .

7 Jul 2015 15:29

u cannot judge a book wit its cover