Nigerian forum: Other - what are the things a man can but a woman cannot d0 ??
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3 Jul 2015 11:51

3 Jul 2015 12:27

man can married 2 or 3 wife and put them for house,but woman can not,

3 Jul 2015 13:03

man can impregnate,woman can not do.

3 Jul 2015 13:31

Man Can Urinate Inside Botle Bt Woman Can,t Do Dat.

3 Jul 2015 14:42

Man can impregnat a woman while a female can not.

3 Jul 2015 17:44

man can dig bore hole or well woman cannot

3 Jul 2015 17:49

A man can be d president of nigeria why a woman can never be d president of nigeria

3 Jul 2015 18:41

A man can wear a pant or a boxer for 2 or 3 days while a woman cannot even wear pant for 2 or 3 days a woman that does so is a smellos. So lady stop doing that if you are among them wash you pant..

3 Jul 2015 21:29

a man can tusi pupu but woman can not just weting

3 Jul 2015 23:02

women do not pay bills,prove me wrong.

3 Jul 2015 23:28

A man can stand and urinate but woman can't stand nd urinate without bending

3 Jul 2015 23:46

All na wash

4 Jul 2015 01:47

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4 Jul 2015 09:41

Na lie 4 dat

4 Jul 2015 14:00

U dnt av a point a woman can also b d president ....abeg say sumtin else

4 Jul 2015 14:01

Excuse me u r talkin out of point

4 Jul 2015 14:02

Sorry wot bill is dat

4 Jul 2015 14:04

A man can go out wearing only shrt but a woman cant

4 Jul 2015 14:39


4 Jul 2015 14:51

People they make me laugh for here o