Nigerian forum: Music - what are you living for?
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2 Jul 2015 10:04

many people are living in this life, but they dnt know what they are living for

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2 Jul 2015 12:50

For me and my household,we are living for christ jesus.

2 Jul 2015 13:31


2 Jul 2015 14:02
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2 Jul 2015 14:33

K that is gud

2 Jul 2015 16:01

I was created for a purpose by God not to please myself but to serve God and nd to proclaim the goodnews abt God's kingdom and of his son jesus christ,my existence is by his grace.No matter how much wealth u acquire if u forget y u were created,the wealth is in vain and it will perish on earth dat will pass away,heaven last forever with its glory,.Dot embrace the world with its glory,dont be influenced with wat u will hav dat will nt last.

2 Jul 2015 18:54

For Me ♥♥♥ I am living bcos I a want to affect my generation positively...

2 Jul 2015 18:57

We should live for love

2 Jul 2015 19:32

for Jesus

2 Jul 2015 21:17

Live 2 lift d glory of d Lord Jesus Christ higher. My existence in d world is by d faith in d Son of God

2 Jul 2015 21:18

Live 2 lift d glory of d Lord Jesus Christ higher. My existence in d world is of d faith in d Son of God

2 Jul 2015 22:17

am alive today becos he kept me so am livin for christ

2 Jul 2015 22:49

2Corinthians 5v15 answers your question correctly.. "And that he died for all, that
they which live should not
henceforth live unto
themselves, but unto him
which died for them, and
rose again". Whosoever is alive n living should live ONLY for Christ. Wether we eat, drink, chat, sleep, ALL should be done to the GLORY of GOD.

2 Jul 2015 23:38

For Jesus

3 Jul 2015 00:35

i m living 2 please God&2 give Glory 2 Him.

3 Jul 2015 00:40

for jesus

3 Jul 2015 09:31

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3 Jul 2015 14:51

I live for a purpose of fulfilling my good destiny; to serve God and humanity.

3 Jul 2015 17:47

To be a blessing to others in all rafication

3 Jul 2015 19:01

If u hvmoney, u'll die. if don't hv u'll still die.come2's all desame.watdowe really gain 4 leavng noti