Nigerian forum: Other - why does people say age is just a number in a relationship?? (idea pls)
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1 Jul 2015 13:21

If age is a number,

We u marry a lady or a man
Who is above with u?
L.e he or she is 57 and you
Are 20..

What do u think?

3 Jul 2015 11:18

sumtims age does matas in a relationship.i cant b 20 n expect 2 marry of 50.age matas abeg,make we no decive ourself o!

3 Jul 2015 13:02

In A Civilised Community Age Has Nothing To Do In A Relationship. What Matter Most Is Love.Compatibility and d ability of d two partners to dwell together peacefully with mutual trust for each other till life ends. i'm 50 if i see a girl of 18 or a woman of 60 whom i know both of us share equall affection for each other i will just be too happy to marry her

3 Jul 2015 13:52

I can't marry such person ooooooo

3 Jul 2015 13:54

becouse love have no age barrier

3 Jul 2015 13:57

age has noting to do wit love i can marry any woman wen dere is love wether she senior me or not

3 Jul 2015 14:11

Love is the matter, not age ok.

6 Jul 2015 08:53

As 4 me I can't marry someone am older than,age matter,love also matter,if I fell in love with a man am older than I later know my frnd I will delete d love sharp sharp

6 Jul 2015 08:57

Den it nt. Love

6 Jul 2015 08:59

Are u loving his age,or loving ur man..age has nothing to do.jst go for who can care for u

6 Jul 2015 10:33

AGE 19 and i cnt marry a guy of 40 and above.let not deceive ourself.or can u date ur mum or dad age.all in d name of love?dat stupid for me i cnt oooo

6 Jul 2015 11:38

What is love?dating someone dat is old to b your father or even more dan ur father is dis wt we call love?y nt go ahead to date ur father if it is love.just tink of it,a lady or a guy of 21 is calling a man or a woman of 49 or 50 babe nd u call dis love,pls is nt rite nd i cant oooooooo

6 Jul 2015 12:06
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6 Jul 2015 12:10

Age Matters The Basic Fact Is That You Can Be 20 And You Wana Marry A Man Of 39 The Facts Is Age Matters No Confusing People

6 Jul 2015 12:57

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6 Jul 2015 13:34

To me age matters alot. tell me what happens if a girl of 19 gives birth to a baby, for a guy that is well above 50, bcos they are in 'love', who will see the child through school, the man or the girl.

6 Jul 2015 16:59

A lot of people may say that age is a state of
mind, that a person is only as old as they feel.
That is an upbeat and optimistic approach to
aging; however the question is if that applies
when it comes to relationships. It has quite often
been acceptable for a male to be the older person
in a relationship

6 Jul 2015 17:03

Hmm, 10 years is ok

18 Jul 2015 08:53

Being old thus not mean you're matured to be in marriage

18 Jul 2015 20:05

Dere is dis woman on mobo here,,,she is 56 and lookin very very bust am in luv,,,bt am only 25