Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - why did guys use to change women like cloth?
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16 Jun 2015 23:17

is good 4 a guy to b changing girlfriend like cloth,?

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17 Jun 2015 09:20

dnt even knw

17 Jun 2015 09:24

Because they don't know what thy want

17 Jun 2015 09:46


17 Jun 2015 09:48

Very bad for guys to be changing girls like cloth

17 Jun 2015 10:13
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17 Jun 2015 10:29

Na gud tin,cus dey get xpired...if u chop 1food 4long e go tire u nah..xcept u mari am as ur wife bt if na datin level I wil kip changin dem lik cloth..gelz of 2dey dnt worth d love.

17 Jun 2015 11:54

@mikkie83, if u keep chainging dem like cloth how ll u gt d 1 u wanna marry 2, since u re nt datin dem coz u luv dem wt u said here showed dt u only datin dem 4 fun so der z no way u cn be serious with 1 talkless of marry any. Evn tho u marry 1 u ll still gt tired of her coz u cnt chop 1food 4 long. May God help u

17 Jun 2015 11:55


17 Jun 2015 11:58

changing women like clothes can never give u what u want instead u make urself a ridicule to urself.for u to get what u want in a woman see as a fresh as new always everyday.

17 Jun 2015 12:00

Guyz change women like cloth coz most of dem re jst a player. Der re nt ready 2 be serious with 1 single women coz der keep thinkin der re still young n coz der thinkin z boring by datin 1 person n coz most of dem cnt do without cheating.

17 Jun 2015 12:01

Z cox dey ave nt see d 1 dey want bt my x different

17 Jun 2015 12:02

i dnt no

17 Jun 2015 12:08

What u guys dont knw is dt: d numbers of girls u slept wit, u av shared there curse as well, mind u there is no family without a curse its only d blood of Jesus dt wash it away. The Bible says marriage sud be holy. U beta zip up b4 u contact one disease or d other. The fact is dt most girls dt are out nw they are agent of darkness,dey av mission to fulfil. Repent n stop changing girls like cloth. Endtime is near.

17 Jun 2015 12:11

some guys who do this i believe they have reasons for their actions Some girl are not reliable But upon all guys are suppose to be more constitence they should remove covetuousness from their eyes

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17 Jun 2015 12:15

Sum girls cause it

17 Jun 2015 12:21

@specialwoman truetalk

17 Jun 2015 12:26

Thanks Daniel

17 Jun 2015 12:26


17 Jun 2015 12:40

Most of all dis girls need redmade dat s 1 of dere problem