Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - You Can Never Be Just Friends With Your Ex
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14 Jun 2015 14:14

can you be "JUST" friends with your ex..even though both of you have moved it really possible?

14 Jun 2015 17:44


14 Jun 2015 18:10

It's kindly difficult

14 Jun 2015 18:30


14 Jun 2015 18:32

Quote by brandvikky

wat's funny abt dat vikky?

14 Jun 2015 18:49

Yes.but it depends on how d relationship ends.

14 Jun 2015 18:52

once its EX it is supposed to be cancelled, to avoid temptation.

14 Jun 2015 18:53

it depends oo

14 Jun 2015 18:56

dnt understand d question

14 Jun 2015 18:56


14 Jun 2015 19:13
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14 Jun 2015 19:16

k yes

14 Jun 2015 19:59

i have tried several times but it's not working for me..most times it's either i want them back or they want me back (even the married ones). i guess to cut off all contact and avoid each other is the best..

14 Jun 2015 20:02

To me, i dn't have an EX If it is over then nothing happen. YES

14 Jun 2015 21:36

u can b jxt frndz wif ur ex nt bstfrndz

14 Jun 2015 21:41


14 Jun 2015 22:49

yes,but no,it well look sodifficut because lue is a power

14 Jun 2015 23:19

If I haven't married b4 she becomes X I'll find it difficult to let her go bt if it is after I married,she has finally become X b'cos nothing to think about her again than to concentrate on how to build my family without any challenges

14 Jun 2015 23:58

hmmm is nt easy to let go jus lik dat witout no issue.

15 Jun 2015 00:00

That is why in the days of old,they patiently wait till they are fully ready for marriage before looking out for wife.But in the name of crazy,senseless thing we call civilization,we make things more complicated.We messedup and fool around in d name of searching for a true heart desire,u re even calling sum1 u hav not yet legally married an ex,was it bcus u disvirgin her? or you hav take much dan u expect out of her,after rendling her life useless,u expect her to remain single isnt it?.If dia is a player,definately dia must b a keeper,u play her out o the keeper..there must b a reason y he or she bcums ur ex nd surely dia must b a reason y sum1 else will never bother if he or she is ur ex nd accept no matter the consequences.Dont call anyone u just date and brokeup with ur ex,bcus what u both share is ilegal.You can only legalize it by engagement of marriage.