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13 Jun 2015 21:41

What is the real definition of love?because am getting confuse here

14 Jun 2015 19:30

(1). Love is a strong feelling of effection
(2).Love is not being selfilish.It's when you realize that despite all the problems a person may have you still want to be with...

14 Jun 2015 20:01

many definition-luv Zd gr8est commandments.luv z kind,luv z PATIENCE,LUV Z NT ARROGANT.LUV Z NT RUDE.AM D SWAGGER LORD

14 Jun 2015 21:39

love is every thing

14 Jun 2015 21:54

Luv z an inevitable feelin of affection we av 4 one anoda

14 Jun 2015 22:07


Love is an affectionate devotion that carries a passionate message.

It is the feeling you feel when you feel the feeling you are feeling in a way you've never felt before.

It's an unconditional treatment towards another fellow(Both Gender).

14 Jun 2015 22:11


14 Jun 2015 23:04

Love is the Battle B/w the Mind & the Heart

14 Jun 2015 23:24

Love is wicked

15 Jun 2015 10:48

Lov iz story

15 Jun 2015 10:55

love is wat u feel,but u cnt see

18 Jun 2015 22:48

Who so ever is born of love
is born of God and the
greatest of all love is
refusing to be corrupted by
the high degree of hatred
arround you, but rather,
stretch out your hands of friendship to all including your enemies.

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