Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do married men and women lie?
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13 Jun 2015 18:09

Why do married men and women, suddenly become single in social network? Speak your mind

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14 Jun 2015 18:14

I dnt really knw. Bt there r always fake peoples. Lol

14 Jun 2015 19:04

is nt good for a marry men n women to be on social ntwk at if dey will be let it be dat is a patillar programme dat is organaise for a atvice ok

14 Jun 2015 19:24

Dat is true my man

14 Jun 2015 19:58

hm.they r greedy! They r nt satisfied.

14 Jun 2015 23:14

most of d guys here are married but dey are pretending to b signal

14 Jun 2015 23:17

Greedy men and women who never get satisfied with what they have are many online searching for true love even if wat dia husband or wife has for them is more than true love.Many of them never end well,they jeopardize dia dignity,in the name of sex nd money nd let dia reputation dat has bin built for over decade to ruin.Love on social media is a real fake nd nothing gud comes out of it,many here are greedy,untruthful,disgusting,betrayers,liars nd most especially fools who claim to be more wise dan anyone else.I love u is not a new thing to hear from sum1,dont be fooled or get carried away by it.

15 Jun 2015 09:32

they are thiefs

15 Jun 2015 09:56