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13 Jun 2015 00:30

Why is it that GUYS no dey dey ok, with what dey hav, i mean with one lady unless dey loose her,until wen d girl eye con open n wen den no fill control the girl again n the girl con they follow or date another responsible guy. (1) Is dat type guy is RESPONSIBLE OR IRRESPONSIBLE GUY? ? (2) who con get fault among them , both the guy n the lady?

15 Jun 2015 13:17


16 Jun 2015 22:58

why smiling

17 Jun 2015 01:49

i have neva dated a responsible lady

25 Jun 2015 18:23

@icandraw Hw Can U Say Dat, Well I Tink Dats Bcos U R Nt Respnnsible Too.

11 Jul 2015 13:02

I dnt realy undstmd u

11 Jul 2015 13:09

Girl r vry vry funny 2.u nva cn x luv sex to d cal.jst bcox i ws nt at hum 4jst 2days,dn she had it wit sme1.dis is a girl i nva d9 sex whn eva she ned it ok,so y is she nt ok?wit wht she hs ben enjoyin?