Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - ! what are the qualities of a good wife ??
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12 Jun 2015 11:20

12 Jun 2015 13:35

No quality all na same

12 Jun 2015 14:23

desciipline, Endurance nd tolerance.

12 Jun 2015 17:13

the qualities of a good woman 1,must be respectful 2,responsable 3,good caretaker etc.

12 Jun 2015 18:09

A good wife must be a gud home keeper, submisive, patience & prayerful.

12 Jun 2015 18:12

*Dutiful in taking good care of the house
*prudent in resource mgt.

12 Jun 2015 19:43

*Dutiful in taking good care of the house
*prudent in resource mgt.

12 Jun 2015 22:03


13 Jun 2015 00:22

self contrself control

13 Jun 2015 01:11

A Good Wife Should Be God Fearing,submissive,accomodating,caring And Above All Industrious.

13 Jun 2015 09:37

a good wife should love and fear her husband and not going out to have sex with another man

13 Jun 2015 09:40

thats true you are right

13 Jun 2015 10:32

A good wife should knw her husband pet name and call him by that name. A good wife do not chanllenge his husband authority.A good wife do not talk when a the husband is angry.A good wife do pray for her husband.A good her husband a number one priority.A good wife respect and obey her husband.Drop a love note into ur husband launch box.Give me a call and tell him how much you miss him.Give him a warmt receptionist when he came back from work.Wake him up early hours in the morning and give him a romance to the point of demand 4 sex b4 he goes to work.Never zies ur prayer b4 he goes to work.Call your husband my Lord lyk bible says.Buy your husband families gift and see them like your own family.Praise your husband inthe presnce of your children and his friends.Avoid vow languages.Cultivate the habit of devotion,this make a marriape to be successful.and manymore.this also applicable to men too.

13 Jun 2015 11:08


13 Jun 2015 12:55

learn to be humble in everything n alsm put God first in there life

13 Jun 2015 13:00

U'v all got it right

13 Jun 2015 13:24

She must b caring nt only to her husband but to all her husband relative she must ave respect nd know hw to take care of d house she should know hw to calm her boo when he ger upset or angry a gud wife must know her husband likes nd dislikes

13 Jun 2015 13:24

13 Jun 2015 18:06

A good wife must not raise her voice on her man

13 Jun 2015 19:00

A good wife must argues wit her husband everyday, she must nt be submissive, abuses her husband relatives, she must nt cook 4 her husband,she must always challenge her husband authority,if her husband came home b4 7pm she must lock d door. Silly question.