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8 Apr 2014 10:20

Yes, every one of us always feel that urge to tell someone what just happened to us. We want to say what our partner just did to us. How he/she took advantage of u, abused you in front of family and friends, cheated on u, abused u privately or before the children. Yes sometimes we feel torn and very very hurt and we just want to breathe it all out by talking to someone. The question is, WHAT 'SOMEONE' HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO TALK TO? If and when you need 3rd parties to step into ur relationships and marital affairs pls be very careful of the choices you make. Human beings are created with the tool for measuring good and bad. What is your 3rd party telling you? Is the person being constructive or destructive? Is ur 3rd party trying to build up your home or is tearing it down. Except its a life threatening issue or something that challenges and threatens your religious faith, trust me there's no issue in a home which cannot be handled, even life threatening issues or issues that border on our religious faith can be handled if the right dose of wisdom and prayer is applied. Every problem has a solution. Do u have a 3rd party who says negative things or offers negative advices about ur partner? Select your 3rd party wisely. Ur parents and siblings are not eligible candidates for 3rd parties. Eligible candidates for a 3rd party includes but not limited to:
1. A man/woman of God you both respect.
2. An elderly person you both respect
3. A godly friend who you know actually has your good at heart. Someone you feel u can trust. *just one friend*.
Negative words spoken against your partner in your moment of pain soothes you, but afterwards, when the pain is healed, you start regretting ever giving that person the opportunity to say all the hurtful things the person said about your partner. But then, the harm is already done and you could never change the situation. So avoid that whole drama and learn to stay quiet through it all.Trust me, when it ends,you'd be glad you did. And with God, all things are possible.

21 Oct 2016 17:15

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