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9 Jun 2015 09:08

whats your favourite reggae band and reggae song

11 Jun 2015 00:26

i like bob marley , lucky dube , oyaba , ub40, inner circle , reality, alpha blondy and maxi priest

11 Jun 2015 00:33

Lucky dube's songs are many bt my best there are gun and roses,fugitive,romeo,dracula,dont cry,respect,crazy world,feel irie,hand that giveth,hold on,house of exile,how will i know,i got u baby,it is not easy,my world,prisoner,reap what you sow,reggea strong,remember me,slave,the way it is,trinity,up with hope,victims,big boys dont cry,born to suffer etc.... Many. Bob marley's are exodus,no woman no cry,who the cap fit

11 Jun 2015 00:41

Am even learning to "born to suffer" now. Without the mother,children will be suffering,without the father,children will be suffering,without the parents,children will be suffering... We were born to suffer,born to suffeeeeeer ooo. Am feeling irie already............

11 Jun 2015 00:43

Are u feeling irie? If u do let me hear u say "Irie! Irie!! Irie!!!"

11 Jun 2015 00:44


11 Jun 2015 00:44

We were born to suffer.......

15 Jun 2015 05:46

i dont want no peanut butter and jam, i want my africa to be free...LUCKY DUBE