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7 Apr 2014 13:49

I promised her 20k Last Week As
we were
chatting on BBM, She Came To
ibadan An
Unexpected Visit. Dat Morning
She Asked Me
Of The 20k I Promised Her. I Then
Told Her
Dat I Want To Leave For Minna In
The Next
5mins. I Gave Her My GTB ATM
Card Dat She
Should Take It nd Withdraw All
She Wanted
(Knowing Fully Well Dat I Had Less
Dan 5k In
Dat Account).
As Soon As She Kissed Me, I
Quickly Left The
House Knowing Dat She Will
come Crying
Back To Me. As I was driving past
bodija, My
Elder Brother Called Me On The
Saying"Bros,You Don Get The
Alert? I Just
Dey Komot From GTB oh! I Don
Pay That 100k
Wey I Been Owe you Into your
Thanks"Meeen!!! See Sweat!!
Few Minutes Later, I Got The
Alert!! Confirm
100k Credited. I Wan' Die As d
Money Enter.
Tried calling her phone, Switched
Off. Tried
PING!!! PING!!! No Delivery. The
Next minute,
20k Debited,
20k Debited,
20k debited,
20k debited,
20k debited.
Even the Last 5k Withdrawn... I
No Know
Wetin Happen To Me, I Found
Myself On
Hospital Bed.
Now They Are Asking Me What
But Wot Will I Say???

10 Apr 2014 17:02

Careless act, instead of saying d truth u decided to b smart.

13 Apr 2014 19:15

no probs now, na u the fuck am

21 Apr 2014 14:38

U wnt formed jamesbond 4 her God cum kill u

22 Apr 2014 13:40

Does it mean dat u guys are neva gonna c each other again? Why on earth did she have 2 withdraw more dan d amount she requested 4? Dats 2 bad of her.

22 Apr 2014 19:12
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23 Apr 2014 19:29

is d wrk of God

23 Apr 2014 21:44

my dear if na me,i dey go back befor she finish the money even na 50k i get back i go happy,that girl wicked mananann!

24 Apr 2014 10:23

hahaha tell dem waitn appen nw say u claim smart nd God chatch yu bt as 4 d girl she's a teif

3 May 2014 12:07


11 Nov 2015 15:40

Dats bad of her

11 Nov 2015 19:10

Quote by succes399
is d wrk of God

11 Nov 2015 19:14

I don't Blame the Lady... I Blame you for your smart game. I LOVE X (100) the girl.. That is a lesson 4 you... Trust NO 1

11 Nov 2015 20:17

miranda can't stop laugthing.

11 Nov 2015 21:39

hold her possible for your predicament cos if she love's you she will not take more than she requested even if it's flowing by itself

24 Nov 2015 18:59

Every easey u should hv go to d back immediately and complain about d alart, dere is camera beside d ATM machine dey will show u all wat appen n u we just tell den she is ur girl you don't no how she manage to get ur password and ask 4 assistance dey am sure dey wil help u out

28 Nov 2015 00:28

What happened to u is one Yoruba common saying dat means if think U are wiser Dan others U are real fool ' to ba Gabon to lenikan o gbon iwo gan ni baba obor'

28 Nov 2015 00:36

Smiles....Infact Dis S 2 Funny,ur Name Na SORRY o my dear broda

28 Nov 2015 07:46

wise man

28 Nov 2015 08:07

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