Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 88% of guys here re still single why ?? ..
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7 Jun 2015 07:52

Havent u found her?
What are the reason , why alot of guys are still single ? do u think gurls here dont really need a boyfriend?,??

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8 Jun 2015 14:52


8 Jun 2015 15:09

well,some do lie abt their marital status just to fool ladies.

8 Jun 2015 15:32

no serious gal on mobofree.i stand to be corrected

8 Jun 2015 16:59

Yes,just as NGF said,some do lied abt their marrital status to fool girls. And also not all girls are here for a date,but majority of the male on dis sight think otherwise. All their thot was that all ladies here are all for a date. i stand to be corrected.

8 Jun 2015 17:31

Some guys are nt married yet bcus they are nt ready 4responsibilities, and some are not ready to leave their wayward lifestyle,some ve heartbrokens,why some need some level of achievement b4 going into it. God wl help them all.

8 Jun 2015 17:32

som girls on dis site are fak

8 Jun 2015 18:06

Bcos dere've not found a sincere,faithful n a wife material lady.

8 Jun 2015 18:10


8 Jun 2015 18:15

Because they are evil,dey are not lookin for house wife but sex mate

8 Jun 2015 18:17


8 Jun 2015 19:06

U all right

8 Jun 2015 20:01

Hmm. . Truth

8 Jun 2015 20:32


8 Jun 2015 21:08

for selfish intrest and dey are nt ready and dey are hearts brakers and fake

8 Jun 2015 21:40

...Lack of fantastism LADYs...!b enough we could been unsinglism.

8 Jun 2015 21:41

Bro. Before searching for partner you be gallant to face anything that comes out from it. And many guys here are still novic bro..... Lol.. abeg make una no kill me o. na watin i dy see i talk o

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8 Jun 2015 22:01

bcos some guy re fake dat why.

8 Jun 2015 22:19

B'cos some ladys are fake dat is why

8 Jun 2015 22:59

It is so because, they might not have seen the bone of their own bone. Another reason might be because they have not gain their balance financially, and so on.