Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - why do ladies come on social network to beg for airtime or money wen u dont give deu delete u
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6 Jun 2015 21:02

Drop your thought and comments

8 Jun 2015 14:52

na true i dnt knw dere problem oooo

8 Jun 2015 14:57

Its poverty

8 Jun 2015 15:57

Dnt mind them,as 4 me any day way babe say make I send her air time dat day she go delete 4 my list of better people

8 Jun 2015 16:00

I dnt realy kn. A gurl we see 4 the first tym n be asking 4 airtym dat'z madnx

8 Jun 2015 16:22

We call such girls jobless loverz

8 Jun 2015 16:55

Such Ladies are shameless and jobless. They are called fine begger.

8 Jun 2015 17:12

dat is level of poverty nd beinging of madness,image meeting a guy 4 the first time on social network nd den asking him airtime dat is stupidity nd level of poverty,they are airtime girls.

8 Jun 2015 17:49

Note @ poster nt al ladies, even sum guys do it askin ladies 4 airtym is d work dey cum here 2 do.

8 Jun 2015 17:53

Airtime babes, with their red lips

8 Jun 2015 17:56

most of the so called ladies that ask you for airtime are males posing to b ladies. beware

8 Jun 2015 18:13

It deir ignorance n grid

8 Jun 2015 18:14

Mayb D Gals R In Bad Situation Dat It

8 Jun 2015 18:20


8 Jun 2015 18:22

Most of this happend too the Nigerian user

I ( we ) dont think if other nationalities we do this

8 Jun 2015 18:41

Most ladies may do so but its NOT ALL LADIES. So please DONT GENERALISE it. And any lady doing such is a disgrace to femininity.

8 Jun 2015 18:44

Not all ladies pls.. point of correction

8 Jun 2015 18:48

Tell dem,dats what I've been going tru here

8 Jun 2015 18:51
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8 Jun 2015 18:58

That is there problem cos a mumu guy we send it,not in this nigeria we are now that I can do that