Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 24
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5 Jun 2015 07:40

My parents and i got into my dad's car and started
our journey towards Hannah's house. I was already
set for school, so I'd head straight to school from
The atmosphere inside the vehicle was very tense.
My heart pounded, i knew Hannah's mum did not
see me all through the morning.
My dad on the other hand was having a bit of a road
rage, he was getting repeated insults from other
He was obviously upset, either by my disappearance
last night, or by the fact that i slept with a boy.
My mum was completely different, the expression
on her face was that of fear rather than anger.
She was clutching on to a rosary in her hand, and
doing the sign of the cross repeatedly.
I sat quietly, feeling a little anxious and worried as
we approached Hannah's house.
My dad pulled over right outside Hannah's
compound, i stretched out to observe the
compound carefully.
I noticed a car parked inside, it wasn't there when i
first came. I guessed Hannah's mum was back.
My parents got out of the car, and we all walked into
the compound, straight towards the front door.
Just as my dad was about to knock, the door swung
open. It was Hannah, all dressed for school. Her
mum was right behind her.
"Good morning ma, morning sir" she greeted, as
soon as recognized my parents.
"morning" my mum replied rather coldly.
My dad did not respond, his expression held a lot of
bitterness. He shot a cold disgusting gaze at Hannah.
Hannah's eyes met mine, she had a blank
expression on her face. She was neither terrified by
my father's cold gaze nor my mothers emotionless
Her mother stood aloof, appearing quite surprised
and a little uncomfortable with the expression on
my dad's face.
"Mr and Mrs Imasuen, I'm sensing all is not well"
Hannah's mum said, alternating her gaze between
my dad and her daughter.
"did my daughter pass the night here?" My dad
questioned, in a rather harsh and authoritative tone,
almost shouting.
"Mr Imaseun, please calm down, I was away on
night duty I didn't sleep here. My daughters were
alone." She replied, trying to pacify my dad.
"hannah, did Ella sleep here?" My mum cut in, trying
to prevent my dad from speaking any further on the
"Yes she did" Hannah replied, looking away from
everyone with a little smile hanging at the edge of
her lips.
The expression on my dad's face clearly showed that
he did not believe Hannah. Her mum could see that
expression too.
She called out to Hannah's elder sister, who ran out
to meet us immediately.
"did this girl sleep here?" She asked, pointing at me.
Hannah's sister nodded in affirmation. My mum
heaved a sigh of relief, so did i.
Hannah's sister's response only seemed to infuriate
my dad more.
"How could you allow another person's child to
sleep in your house, how irresponsible are you?" My
dad shouted angrily, loud enough to cause
Hannah's mother grew angry too and replied in
similar fashion.
"I just said i wasn't at home, I'm just coming in, and
how dare you call me irresponsible? You couldn't
keep your daughter in your house, and you want to
blame me for your failure as a father?. There was a
lot of venom in her voice.
"So you have the right to question my parenting
skills? When your daughter is a prostitute?" My dad
vented, pointing at Hannah.
"At least my daughter slept in my house while you
were wondering where yours was" Hannah's mother
At this point, there was palpable tension in the air, i
felt really embarrassed. Somehow i blamed myself
for everything.
My dad turned towards me
"You see the insult you have brought to me you
fool"? He raised his hand to strike me as usuall.
I docked, hoping to escape his slap. Luckily, my
mum caught his hand in the air.
"papa Osas, please we have embarrassed ourselves
enough, please let us go" she said as she dragged
my dad's hand.
"Your daughter is a bad influence" my dad
"once again you are blaming someone else for your
parental failure" Hannah's mother replied.
My mum dragged him away before he could spit
more venom. I tagged along with my parents. They
drove me off to school.
My dad kept insulting me all the way, while my mum
tried to calm him down. Her sudden change of
attitude surprised me.
She wasn't attacking me, she still seemed very
scared. But i couldn't ascertain the reason for her
fear. They Droped me off at school and drove away.
As soon as the morning assembly ended Ruth,
Hannah , and I had a rendevous. We discussed
everything that happened in the last twelve hours or
I described my entire escapade with Ehis, and they
all sounded really impressed. We shouted and threw
high fives in the air.
At that point, i remembered Hannah had promised
to give me something today.
"so Hannah, you said you ll give me something
today." I said expectantly.
She reached into her pocket, and handed me
something i never thought i would need.


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Hmmm.better pikin

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what took u so long

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one bad egg

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Gud story

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Good, u r enjoying now abi, time will tell