Nigerian forum: Jokes - Kanu Nwankwo Why oh why now!!!
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6 Apr 2014 19:36

Chai!!!! God why? Why do u allow this 2 happen
2 this man? Oh! What a pity! Kanu Nwankwo?Alas!
why did dis happen 2 u?This man KANU
NWANKWO who has contributed in no small
measure 2 Nigerian football. This man who has
played in so many clubs around the globe,
why would dis happen 2 u dis tym dat we needed u
most? Chai! How will ur people and family feel
wen they get 2 hear dis? This young man has
even wanted 2 quit football, but later decided
2 play his last ceremonial match b4 leaving
entirely.How wuld ur fans feel on hearing dis?
This man, Kanu
Nwankwo i heard in the news boarded a plane 2
Australia but the plane carrying more than 350
passengers, (CHAI! Oh my God!) ended in
dropping all of them in Enugu international Airport in
peace. LOL
Happy Sunday!!!!

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7 Apr 2014 13:52

Some thing dey worry u hahahahaha chie

7 Apr 2014 22:22

be carefull in what you say,this is not a joke ok

8 Apr 2014 10:05

He will nt die

8 Apr 2014 13:52

when you read it wella you will understand

21 Apr 2014 14:56

I think say nal beta tin u went even talk self

25 Apr 2014 17:14

4 does who undastand wat u displayed..its nice joke..even papilo himself can easyly cope wit dis.. we call it an expenses joke..just keep it up

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17 Oct 2016 17:56


6 Dec 2016 20:29

Nice supertanius jokes lol