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4 Jun 2015 11:17

Three friends Akpos, Rukewe
and Oghene decided to go for a
Rukewe packs the picnic basket
drinks and sandwiches. Oghene
carried the basket and they set
out for
the park 10km away.
It takes them 2 hours to get
When they arrived, Rukewe
quickly spread the mat and set
out the sandwiches. After
checking around, Oghene found
out that Rukewe did
not pack the bottle opener. They
then begged Akpos to make the
4 hour trip
to and fro for the opener. He
disagreed.''You 'll finish the
sandwiches before I
return,''Akpos protested.
''No we won't'', assured
After some more cajoling from
them, Akpos reluctantly sets out
for the opener.
After 5 hours, there was no sign
of Akpos. They decided to wait
for another 3 hours. Still no sign
of Akpos.
Oghene and Rukewe after
waiting on Akpos for more than
8 hours were by
now very hungry so they
decided to
take one sandwich each.
As they were about to eat,
Akpos pops
out from behind a rock

4 Jun 2015 11:18

Akpos goes to the post office, he buys an envelope
from the cashier and then screams into envelope. The cashier asks him, "why are u screaming into the envelop" Akpos answers, "I am sending a voice mail"

4 Jun 2015 11:19

Akpos returns a missing purse to d owner in amarket.
The lady was so grateful but when she lookedinside,
she got confused & said,
"but I had a single one thousand naira note, now there
are ten pieces of hundred naira note, how come?
Akpos, "na me change am, the last time wey I help person
find purse, she say she for give me somethingbut
change nor dey."

4 Jun 2015 11:19
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4 Jun 2015 11:20
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4 Jun 2015 11:20

Pastor after sunday skol asked any questionz»
Akpos asked:If CARPENTERS enjoy CARPENTRY, POETS enjoy POETRY, COOKS enjoy
COOKERY, INFANTS enjoy INFANTRY,....why I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ it d̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅τ̲̅ ADULTS re NT allowed 2 enjoy

4 Jun 2015 11:21

Akpos is a commercial taxi driver
Lagos day he say a
wallet on
the road.he picked it up and open
discovered that $5,000 is on it.he
removed it and throw away the
turn his car immediately and said
make i
waka fast before somebody wen
non lost
money go be dey claim say him
lost he was driving home,he
on to wazobia fm radio.there was
programme on air.Akpos call the
Akpos:hello is that wazobia fm?
Station:yes.wet in will go do for
Akpos:i see $5,000 for inside
Station:wow! U are a good
u wat to come to our station?
Akpos: no.....
Station:how u wat do am??
Akpos:i wat u to play me P.Square
music.....eno easy aa...oooo.baba
God na
ur handwork ......

18 Jun 2015 04:35

Abi ooo na baba God hand work no be small tin ooo

19 Jun 2015 16:20

Akpos na serious madt man