Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What will u do,2 chase her or 2 leave her?
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3 Jun 2015 01:08

A man wz in his sitting room,nd armdrobbers came in nd ask him bout his wife, he said d wife is inside d room. dey now gave him a gun nd told him dat dey wil go n nd bring his wife dat he sud shot her 2 deat, if he wants 2 live. d man said dat he can't, instead dey sud kill him nd leave d wife.dey now brot d wife nd gave her d gun nd ask her 2 shot her husband. she took d gun shut at d husband but dere were no bullet d robbers den left.if u ar 2b dis man what wil u do.

3 Jun 2015 19:39

As A Lady,if I Was D Guy Bcoz Of D Luv I Have 4 Her I Would Embrace Her

3 Jun 2015 19:44

she will by God grace follow d robber go dat same day

3 Jun 2015 19:46

Lol, the lady na correct thief., ole. I go run leave'am.

4 Jun 2015 04:52

hmmm i go pursue am commot 4 my house so if bullet dae dere she go shot me abi

5 Jun 2015 15:10

She's worst dan an enemy u cant c,,,,treat her fuk-up wel,,so dat she no go try am anoda day,,she no dserv luv at al..

5 Jun 2015 17:22

She will go

6 Jun 2015 23:28

Guys nd thr gossip,bcos!evrymen r nt d same!xo du u hw many tyms JESUS SED WE SHUD 4GIVE,SUMBDY SHUD TEL ME

6 Jun 2015 23:34

Na d end b d end of movie na

6 Jun 2015 23:43

Guy how u take no, abi u b one of the rubbers