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5 Apr 2014 12:21

Please friends,i need to get productive; any tips on how to create a blog is highly appreciated

9 Apr 2014 11:11

You can create a blog for free at You can learn how to make money blogging at

12 Apr 2014 13:24

Tnx 4 sharing that

24 Jun 2014 02:16

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13 Jul 2014 01:05

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26 Jul 2014 04:42

Wordpress has more matured and professional themes - smoother that Blogger (personal opinion). I started with blogspot but found out that Wordpress was the blogging platform to beat. Start a free blog by visiting From there, you can migrate to, where you will have to host your blog on your own via a webhost. Here, you have UNLIMTED freedom to do what you want on your blog. has restrictions. But i will advise you start-off from the free hosting provided by Check out my self-hosted wordpress blog at You have my shoulder to lean on when you are ready.

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27 Jul 2014 05:07

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16 Aug 2014 14:42

am not using a java phone bro i wish to also use ur app

29 Aug 2014 23:09

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17 Sep 2014 15:11

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13 Oct 2014 13:01

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27 Oct 2014 13:20

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6 Nov 2014 03:32

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5 Oct 2015 20:58

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16 Oct 2015 06:53
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16 Oct 2015 08:29

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16 Oct 2015 12:19

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