Nigerian forum: Other - Who loves money the most? M or F
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31 May 2015 18:06

Money! Money!! Money!!! The root of all evil. Who loves money the most between men and women and a reason why they loves it most?

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31 May 2015 18:08

For me i think is the women becos there heart goes 4 it the most. Jst becos dy can't hustle hw de men do to make it

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1 Jun 2015 15:59

all of the aboveall of the above

1 Jun 2015 16:13

4 me i think d woman like money d most bcos witout money kn luv

1 Jun 2015 16:16


1 Jun 2015 16:34

As from I think is male becose they are going to take care of their family and do faajii

1 Jun 2015 16:35


1 Jun 2015 16:38

Its the Female ooo even u Lizzy33. as i dey see u so u go like money pass.

1 Jun 2015 16:53

it is d male becos most of dem want girls dat hav money and b4 u chat wit dem dey wil ask u want do u 4 a living dat y most of dem like sugar mummy

1 Jun 2015 17:12

Both M and F love Money pass Water..hehe..

2 Jun 2015 00:31

ladies wil say M while guys wil say F.... Real M wnts money 2 treat dem women gud bt F need theirs just 4 demslvs 2 buy unecesary tins e.g brazilian hair,jamaican hair evn almajiri hair...pls dnt quote me wrong some F sha...

2 Jun 2015 00:46

cnexy i never knew dat, ar u d one who is sellin d almajiri hair

2 Jun 2015 00:54

Becky must i b d 1 selin it b4 i get 2 knw it exist. Madam google am u wil c by ya self

2 Jun 2015 01:20

hahaha, u ar funny

2 Jun 2015 01:47

oga i dont need to google it 6 u ar sellin now

2 Jun 2015 01:50


2 Jun 2015 02:37

Becky av u bought 4rm my shop b4....cos dis 1 u r insistin i sell means u av bought it b4 bt nt my shop sha....

2 Jun 2015 02:44

cnexy wht ever

2 Jun 2015 03:19

cnexy is like u love becky no dey pretend oo

2 Jun 2015 09:41