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30 May 2015 16:18

In our class last week our teacher came in our class with another way of teaching she said: TOday we will learn many things but first let go to this one::::::::::she now open her book and open were dem draw one woman with her pikin she come say dis woman born one boy itz CALLED single:::::::::: She open another side we come see one woman with 2pikin and she say dis woman born two children at a time itz CALLED twins::::::::she come open another one with one woman and 3pikin and she said this wonan born three at a time and itz called triplet::::::::she now open the last one we see one woman with 4pikin she ask us what shall we call this. one boy raised his hand me i raise myowen with some other studentsoo the teacher say ok as we plenty make she ask the first boy she turns to the firstboy and asked him; THE boy answered and say dobble twins mar and our teacher turns to me and ask me and i said 3plate&1spoon mar she come faint na my fault

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30 May 2015 16:19

please if itz my fault tell me oo

1 Jun 2015 20:42

Lol vry funny

4 Jun 2015 06:00

it ur 4ot

11 Jun 2015 16:53

Nt funny @ all bt u stil try

12 Jun 2015 17:18

if 3pikin be triplet then 4pikin will be fourplet naaa

13 Jun 2015 17:56

Lol,,,,,, VERY FUNNYyyyyYYYyyyyy

19 Sep 2015 02:10

Not 4ot my guy

20 Sep 2015 23:09

Whose 4t