Nigerian forum: Jokes - must have my girl
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29 May 2015 11:36

ok am still living with my boss but i have a girlfriend one day my boss called me and say if you still want to stay with me you have to leave all these girls and stay or you go so i thaught about it and see what i decided i now tell him ok and he concluded i dnt mean you should not talk with them but know what ever you are doing so i still dnt want to leave my girl so i now decided to play with all d girls, woman both married or not that use to come to our shop and i used to call them my wives and tell the married ones that i will marry their daughters so one day dat my girl come to our shop and my boss day shop men so i called her mywife as i used to call other ones and tell my boss see my wife oo since then he use to call her my brother wife please clap for me

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29 May 2015 11:48

one word for me please

29 May 2015 14:37

you won his heart

29 May 2015 15:02


29 May 2015 17:43
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29 May 2015 18:57


29 May 2015 23:10

Gud of u my dear

29 May 2015 23:18
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30 May 2015 00:46

Good game and wise ideal

30 May 2015 01:36

Hello to u all

30 May 2015 08:54


30 May 2015 09:39


30 May 2015 12:08


30 May 2015 12:49

nice one guy

30 May 2015 15:38

You are deceiving yourself,boss,and the lady who will be happy that you called her your wife...#yeye guy#

30 May 2015 18:07

Who ur boss dor help?

30 May 2015 19:39

it a joke,which cm true

30 May 2015 22:50

Ali na so ebi

31 May 2015 00:22

Off point story....coupleð wið bað enqLish :/

31 May 2015 01:43

Nice drama