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28 May 2015 23:18

"Don't Ignore Warning Signals in Relationship"
Either you grow in love or fall in love, you are to always use your brain. When you allow your heart to take a love journey without your brain, you will end up hurting yourself.
Warning signals in relationship are to make you aware of impending dangers in marriage.
A lot of people are enduring their marriage today because they ignored the warning signals when they were still dating or courting.
These warning signals are sometimes ways that God use to let you know that you are in relationship with a wrong person but due to 'feeling of love' many people have chosen to ignore these warning signals even when it was so obvious to people around them. Love is not blind when you use your brain.
Listed below are few of these warning signals that you mustn't ignore...
1. ABUSE. This can be common to ladies. The man who claim to love them usually maltreats, disgrace them publicly, slaps, beats and sometimes violate and defile them. The annoying part of it is that these ladies will still be running after the so called man and hoping he will change all in the name of 'love'. That is not love. It is 'foolishness'.
Some ladies too can insult, curse and even slap the man they are in relationship with and the man may choose to ignore this.
If you get married to such man or woman, you are in for frustration. You need to run away from such person.
2. INFIDELITY. Another warning signal is unfaithfulness.Anyone who is not faithful when you are unmarried won't be faithful in marriage. If the man or lady you are in relationship with is 'boldly' unfaithful to you, it's a sign that he/she would be adulterous in marriage. They may claim that you are the one they love but it's not the truth. One of the test of true love is Faithfulness. If he/she can't be faithful to you, then he/she doesn't love you. Be wise
3. DISTRUST. Being trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. If your man or woman doesn't trust you and is always suspecting you, you need to pause and think. The truth is trust is not a gift, it is earned by being sincere, truthful, not secretive and being open. If you are sincere and open but your partner still find it difficult to trust you, you need to first discuss it to know what's wrong and if it appears that the person can't just trust you, you need to rethink before making marital commitment.
4. Being SELFISH and STINGY. Ladies, you need to pay attention to this very well. Some men can be very selfish and stingy. All they think about is what they can get not what they can give. It is very difficult for them to even pay your transport fare when you go out together. They are always complaining of lack even when it's obvious they have and they always look for ways to get from you.
It is understandable when they don't have and still have a heart of giving. But If it's obvious they have but just can't give no matter how small, please you better think twice. If he can't even pay his tithe or give tangible offerings in church and can't offer monetary help to his friends, siblings and parents, such man will be a stingy husband in marriage.
Guys, also pay attention to ladies that are experts in spending. All they know is to spend all the money on you till the last kobo. They don't care about your savings and financial goal. Money is their surname. Please think twice before you marry such person. They will ruin and frustrate you when you can no longer pay their bills. Be wise bro.
The list is endless but these are the few i can share with you.
NOTE: If you posses any or all of the list above, please try and work on yourself. It can cause delay for you in marriage. Pray and trust God to deal with them in your life.

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Good advice

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