Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - ONLY THE god & goddess OF LOVE CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION OR CAN YOU?
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27 May 2015 23:55

Hello to you all..Once again, l thank you. Someone asked me this question recently. That assuming my mother is 47 yrs old and l am 32 yrs old and l have a daughter who is 17 yrs old and my best friend is also 32 yrs old and my wife is 35 yrs old.That among the three which of them will l find my friend in bed with that will makes me go crazy the most. I am confused! I am going for may 29th swearing -in ceremony.see you again on June lst.bye.

29 May 2015 16:27

Ur Mother

29 May 2015 16:34

ur daughter cuz she is ur future u been spending on.

29 May 2015 16:44

ur wife bcause eventhough u go crazy u can't dezone ur mom nd ur daugter but u can ezyly sent ur wife away and get a new wife

29 May 2015 16:53

you can't quarrel with any of them since you re 15yrs older than your daughter and 15yrs younger than your mum, definatetly it is custom in your family

29 May 2015 17:09

Your mother,because you cn easily give ur child out for marriage fif what they did result to pregnancy.likewise ur wife if possibly she fell victim,you may divorce her for committing adultery or furnication only if you wish to overlook the dirty act,even the bible is in support of it.If it was ur mother,you cant disown or divorce her,everytime you remember,your heart get boiled,its hard to wipe it out of ur memory

31 May 2015 02:07

Ur Wife Is Ur Wife No Matter Wht Or Her Age

31 May 2015 02:11

All of them, cos sleepin with ur mum disrespect ur family, on ur wife, ur family got spolit cos trust is lost btw u nd ur wife nd for ur daugther she just got reaped

31 May 2015 20:27

u are true

1 Jun 2015 10:39

Fellow colleagues,Ladies and gentle men.l must say that l am impressed with your response to this topic.Although all the response are not unanimous.Everybody has his or her own still indicates that 2 + 2 has not given us 4. l also use this medium to apologise to you my colleague, Arthur E.V. lsigba a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the Nigeria Army.You said that which of them would l find my best friend in bed with that will makes me feel ashame for the rest of my life.That is the one that will gives me the greatest embarassment. Dear readers,what l mean by the god and the goddess of love are those people who are experts in the field of love matters.for me it is my mother.Because when ever l see my mother it will come to my daughter will marry and go away from me.l can divorce my wife and re-marry but my mother will always be with me.For me to think that l find my mother in bed with my best friend of my age bracket is an everlasting shame. Thanks alot RSM ISIGBA. Bye AGMS.