Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What Turns A Girl off a guy when they first meet
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26 May 2015 12:26

Ladies please Drop your opinion on it cause some guys will just come to you and start toasting you

But When they are chatting with you,you babes Turn down there request.

If he even ask for your phone number,you babes don't wanna give us guys.

And some may lead to the guy dissing you .

So ladies!!? What's you say??

26 May 2015 16:59

babies often preten,but after which it will be there again

26 May 2015 20:06

Hmmmm, this is 4 d ladies

26 May 2015 21:30

U dont expect us to give everybody our numbers,some guys here are fake.i dont really like chatting with men here cos they will always ask for number

26 May 2015 21:30

I cant even count men dat ask for my number in a day

26 May 2015 22:14

adeola not like me

26 May 2015 22:45

Sure sum guys ar fake

26 May 2015 23:13

Me Ademola Did Nt Always Ask 4 Any Girls Number

26 May 2015 23:16

Quote by Adeola2468
U dont expect us to give everybody our numbers,some guys here are fake.i dont really like chatting with men here cos they will always ask for number

Pls, can I inbox u

26 May 2015 23:27

u ar right adeola,many guy always request for number which is nt surpose to b

26 May 2015 23:33

Na wa o. The matter dy sum hw o

26 May 2015 23:37

Jst few guys that has jst caused why the ladies cnt trust guys and jst few ladies has also caused why the ladies cnt be trusted too. It's life, take it or leave it

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27 May 2015 00:07

Hmmm dis is through
i dnt tink dere is a big deal
by asking u ladies 4 number
if u dnt wnt ntn bad dere to tell d guy
dan u to abused him
i will say my own
if a guy see ur face online
started asking 4 ur number
he doesn't mean
wat i can jst say is dat understanding is d most first

27 May 2015 00:34

Some Guys Did Nt No How To Approach A Lady Dey Wil Just Come To U An Start Say Rubbish I Dont Lik Giving My Number Out 2

27 May 2015 00:49

Dats true,some guys dnt knw hw to approach a lady,nd some are fake.nd some guys are sturborn,wen u'll be telling dem no,dat u aint given out ur no,dey'll disturb u de more,dats leads me blocking some of dem.

27 May 2015 00:54

thats called they never concede defeat.

27 May 2015 01:01

Hmmm Mmm C Talk O!

27 May 2015 01:05

Almost all dis ladies wen dy talk dis tins nw. Stay 4 a day and no guy approched dem dat day,na so dem go dy vex lyk mad.....

27 May 2015 01:08

Guy comes to u and ask for ur number u're complaining,there are a lot of beautiful hard working gals out there looking for dis kinda opportunities bt they find none,Some Naija girls too dey form meanwhile d guy wey dey screw there pussy is not even reach there junior brother in age,it's what I have experienced,those complaining about guys askin for their numbers are most worst hormone,I beg make some unrest cunt gata life

27 May 2015 01:09

Get to knw d person first b4 askin 4 number, then try to be polite n civil cos u re not addressing an animal but a human being. Guys needs to learn alot.