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23 May 2015 19:57

The latest trend sweeping across Nigeria and in the world at large is SELF EMPLOYMENT! Even those who are into white-colar jobs have side, self employed business they run.
The “big guys“, who run the financial flow of cash in this country are self employed and those who run a private business organisation.
That been said, in time-past, the requirements for starting a business who too tedious that many couldn‘t meet up with. But today, all that has changed! Information is power and this is every successful business man and woman‘s secret success tool!
The same applies to online business. Now, regretably, the internet has been flooded with scams and fraudelent money-making sites. They are mostly direct referal website in nature that claims the following:
1. No experience needed.
2. It is easy
3. It is FREE
4. It pay you in dollars
5. Just post our links and earn

These are just about the lies that differentiates scamming and fradulent websites. I know this much cos i have been victims of them, so i know much better.
This is not to say that there are no genuine online job that is free. No i didn‘t say so but if you know of any and you have practically gotten your money in your hand from that job, then let me know.
Most of the genuine onces are very difficult to access payment why because they pay in dollars and can be withdrawn through pay-pal.
But before you give up hope, i have a GREAT NEWS for you. There is an online website job that pays in Naira, which i am into. Of course it isn‘t free! A one-time registration free is needed. This online job generate massive wealth for it‘s members and you are paid through your bank account which can be withdrawn at will.
Young men, women, doctors, lawyers, lecturers, students, unemployees are all making money from this!

For more information and registration, call me on: 08036584692
Inbox me!

Note: this message isn‘t for everyone, only for serious business minded people who need financial liberty and to be LUCRATIVELY SELF EMPLOYED!



18 Sep 2015 09:56

what's d details of this biz and what's d registration fee

21 Oct 2015 18:48

my email is

22 Oct 2015 10:57

If you are looking for job, look no more. Salvation is here.
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8 Apr 2016 00:20

start your online career today and make cool cash

30 Nov 2016 02:09

Upgrade your membership by donating an assigned amount to an assigned member e.g upgrade to Grsde 1 by donating $20 (N6,000) to a Grade 1 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 1 Upline.

receive same amount you donated from each member among assigned number of members e.g receive donations of $20 (N6,000) from each member among 5 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level1 Downlines. You will receive a total donation of $100 (N30,000)Continuously upgrade your membership until you reach Grade 10 e.g upgrade to Grsde 2 by donating $40 (N12,000) to a Grade 2 member assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Upline, then receive donations of $40 (N12,000) from each member among 25 members assigned to you a.k.a Your Level 2 Downlines.You willreceive a total donation of $1,000 (N300,000).

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