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23 May 2015 11:02

one kiss is a trillions remembrance. a heart who is seriously thinkin abt the first kisses they had together is heart of richest. wealth frends are the ones who value frendship. hw do u feel wen u are caught in romance wen nothing xup? but frends of frends will think sumtin xup

23 Jun 2015 07:14

the best romance u can hav and enjoy 4 a very long tym is the type of the ringing sound wen u rang the bell ur partner noticed him is expectin u...frendship is a wonderful thing. Is lyk the sky it has no end

6 Jul 2015 19:07

''motivatically'' she says, the luv i hav 4 u is not just frm my lips but is frm d buttom of my hrt. ''romantically involved'' i neva knew u are such a carin type; u've got a frend in me.

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5 Jan 2016 18:54

I love you because you are very beautiful to my loving. she fall inlove with my first kisses and body romance. I love you if kisses and romance is what i treasure. She complaint that i love kisses, romance and other things that is why she want to keep our friendship. Is all about romance, friendship and OTHER THINGS