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22 May 2015 12:40

who hurt most in a relatnship ? male/female ....with reasons i beg orna .

22 May 2015 14:44

Guys hurt most in relationship but consider the root, ladies makes guys hurt them, think of it a guy who isn't insane can't get angry or just wish to hurt you without you doin something that worth getting angry on. But that's not me defending guys being the one that hurts most but girls are the most in breaking hearts

22 May 2015 16:09


22 May 2015 16:42

Okay! I even hate talking about relationships...

22 May 2015 17:27

both "boys cheat""girls quit"

22 May 2015 17:39


22 May 2015 17:50

When u re not legally married to someone,dont use the word "cheat",you can use "double-date instead"..It happens with reasons,if u fall victim of a partner who is pretending to luv u but he or she may leave u or double date.Ladies are found doing dat for some cetain reasons,they do dat if the guy is not meeting up to dia requirements,sum luv material things,money or sex,y sum only need attention and caring in which many guys may nt hav time for.Such ladies meet with guys who will give wat they needs ...Guys only double date bcus of sex,if a lady mistakenly refuse tohav sex,wat cums to d guy's mind is dat "am not sure she truely loves me",dat makes guys double dat,both genders double date but ladies do dat most

22 May 2015 17:51


22 May 2015 18:35

when guys doubledate dy dnt see it as if it is a lady dy call it smtz else.2 me guys hurt most.

22 May 2015 19:01

To me boys hurt most. Follow me on twitter @im_osas90 for reason

22 May 2015 19:41

Lolz! You know what, we shouldn't be arguing here, guys dnt defend yerself, and girls dnt defend yersef, say the truth base on yer experiences... Not just hiding the truth and flying the flag of yer #gender

22 May 2015 19:45


22 May 2015 20:14

Those who show to much care than its expected toward a partner,those ho gives beyond wat its demanded,those who accept everything you say even if him or her knows that what you said were false or lies,those who smile when you committ the great offense that worth bin kill re despirates to hurt ost bcus you will never smell what they have in mind towards u.little people know abt love love but many fall in love and get hurt,whom re u to blame?.You dont start a building from d foundation,how do u think dat will work?.before going into relationship,hav u ever take time to consider the challenges to face and ho to overcome them?,,one step after the other to reach upstairs,by trying to take to steps at a time,many fell nd get hurt,u responsible for ur heartbreaks.for u not to get hurt,b observant,nd if u re nt ready yet,dont engage in relationship

22 May 2015 20:16

Ladies did it most

22 May 2015 20:17

@ Geraldine, dis isn't judging bt talking with experiences and realities. We are not giving them punishment as we say those that hurts much.

22 May 2015 20:20

Bro., Monday they're some that its when you started the relationship and it's goin on well that they do change.. What of those kinda situations, are you still responsible for yer #"Heart-Breaks"#

22 May 2015 20:46


22 May 2015 21:13

Girls hot most

22 May 2015 22:21

Girl How Most,sowe Girl Love For Reason,if Money Grown On A Tree Girl Worth Nt Main Dating Monkey

22 May 2015 22:41

guys hurt pass bcoz dey want d lady to care abt hw dey feel bt don care abt wat d lady is going true is nt always dere problems