Nigerian forum: Jokes - easy way for boys only
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21 May 2015 19:14

if u are boy and you saw a girl and you want to talk to her u dnt know how to get her contact just walk to with your phone and sad face tell her PLEASE can you flash my mumber for me please am just having some miss callz but i dnt know when it rangs so please call line so i can comfirm if it has problem or day just only flash me den u gave her ur mumber and den if she flash ur line u will have her number and den tell her your mind

24 May 2015 02:45


20 Jun 2015 09:41

Gurlz ar nt dat stupid...

11 Jul 2015 10:04

Even if am a doll baby u cant get me like that

11 Jul 2015 10:25

Hmmmm so pathetic,

11 Jul 2015 10:44

better advise

18 Jul 2015 10:25


1 Aug 2015 19:11


21 Aug 2015 16:38

u r too much

23 Aug 2015 01:44

If I am d girl i am very sure i will try ur number but if i later find out wat u are playing at i no hw to make pple like stop calling my line.

6 Sep 2015 19:54

Good advice

21 Sep 2015 23:32

Easy Lyk Dat,abi

22 Sep 2015 14:34


22 Sep 2015 16:24

Gud 1

22 Sep 2015 17:06

guy u de tomuch

22 Sep 2015 17:20

That's a dirty trick for boys, Men can't do that..... ... Trust in Your own self

22 Sep 2015 21:33