Nigerian forum: Jokes - baught and sell
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21 May 2015 01:02

one man in a village is well known as a profesonal thief so one day he stole a goat and gave to his son to take the goat to the market so when the boy gots to the market he sold the goat and use the money to have fun with friends so when he returns home his father asked him father:yea my boy how is market to day boy:daddy market dayooo father: ok how much did you sell d goat? Boy: aah papa i sold it as we baught it naa

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21 May 2015 01:06

what du tink in dis family art

21 May 2015 10:18

What goes around comes around,sharp boy

21 May 2015 22:59

bought not baught

22 May 2015 02:05

I hear someone say what goes around comes around if so nothing lost oooo