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19 May 2015 08:27

A husband and wife are trying to set up a
new password for
their computer. The husband puts,
"Mypenis," and the wife falls
on the ground laughing because on the screen
it says, "Error.
Not long

19 May 2015 21:30


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19 May 2015 22:33

Dats so funny

19 May 2015 22:36


19 May 2015 22:39

let the wife put

19 May 2015 23:05

let me add up to it...

19 May 2015 23:06

U much also contribute... What will U DO

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19 May 2015 23:14

Imagining an Armed robber came to ur house,robbed u nd then gave u
a gun to shoot and kill ur wife or Ur husband
And Suddenly u Went on ur knees pleading u cant bcos u love him or her
Then the angry robber got collect the gun and gave it to ur
wife or husband,
And quickly she or he collected the gun, point the gun at u and pulled
the trigger unfortunately there was not loaded then the robber
collected the gun laughed and left .
Friends be honest after this encounter what will u do if this
woman or Man happen to be ur wife or husband?

19 May 2015 23:26


19 May 2015 23:28

U stole this story from WETIN DEY programme on RADIO CONTINENTAL

19 May 2015 23:37

Pardon @ jeebworld...

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19 May 2015 23:42

@Jeebworld 4 ur own information I am sincere with God and man I ave neve heard a WEYTIN DEY Radio programme. Or what ever U called it... Next time U will respond in a way dat will nt bring argument Sir... I am sorry if I respond rudely... Thanks...

19 May 2015 23:56

that does not mean anything even though he heard it on radio.All is just for fun

20 May 2015 00:20

Story! Story!! Storyyyyyyyy!!!

20 May 2015 00:54
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20 May 2015 01:04

U try

20 May 2015 01:12

8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At A Fighting Scene In Naija

1. The separators. They’re always around. Before a fight is
about to ensue, You’ll see them pop out from nowhere and
trying to calm the fighters down.

2. The judges. Unlike the separators, the judges are not
always around. They arrive like 15-30seconds after the
separators. They ask the fighters the cause of their fight
before ruling on who’s at fault.

3. The observers. Of course there must be an observer in
every thing that has to do with “types of people”. They are
just there to watch how the fight is being fought. Ask them
the cause of the fight and what you’ll get is an “I don’t
know” reply.

4. The record keepers. They may know any of the fighters
well and his life history. They’ll tell you how often/seldom
he fights. They know the last time he fought and what
actually caused the fight.

5. The askers. These ones are always late. They come
towards the concluding part of the thing and bombard you
with questions like:
guy wetin happen?
who and who are fighting?

6. The walkaholics. These ones are similar to the askers.
They’re never satisfied with any information you give them.
They walk from place to place in search of answers like
they were given a project to work on.

7. The woman wrappers : Funny but true. They’re
everywhere. They cease any opportunity that comes their
way. They’ll sight from afar to see if there’s any gorgeous
lady witnessing the fight then walk down and ask her the
cause of the fight. They’ll deviate from the actual
discussion and the next thing you’ll see is them exchanging

8. The Motivators. These ones are like devils. They give
you reasons to fight. Even if you’ve declined to fight, they
must tell you something so annoying in order to increase
your rage and get you wrestling whilst they observe you
from distance and make mockery of you.
Add yours and which do you fall under?

20 May 2015 01:26

as fr me i b seperator