Nigerian forum: Jokes - PREPARE FOR MARRIAGE
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18 May 2015 08:44

A married man was travelling in an aircraft and he was wearing his wedding ring on a wrong finger and someone noticed and pointed his attention, "sir" you have your wedding ring on a wrong finger and he s said, yes is because i married a wrong woman. so my people tell me; is it because he married a wrong woman or he did not prepared for marriage?

19 May 2015 21:33

Is becaus he did not perpared 4 marriagE.

20 May 2015 01:00
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20 May 2015 01:01


20 May 2015 01:04

@lance u no dey yan anytin @ll

20 May 2015 10:23

Evn if he did prepare evritin well and did nt use God as cornerstone of his marriage, den al he did was vanity.

1 Nov 2016 11:23

He Didnt Prepare Well