Nigerian forum: Literature - ONE WRONG TURN EPISODE 22
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16 May 2015 20:24

I tucked my phone under the pillow, as i would have
done in my own room. Ehis joined me on the bed,
putting on a pair of shorts.
He laid beside me, and i rested my head on his bare
chest, as we both slept off.
I had no idea how long i had slept, but tiny kisses on
my face and a hand moving through my body
beneath my cloths woke me up.
Ehis was up, and his actions showed exactly what he
wanted. I willfully obliged.
I had no idea how long it lasted, but few minutes
after he was through, a thought hit me. He was not
using a condom!
For the remaining part of the night, while Ehis fell
asleep, i remained awake. My mind hovered around
a lot of things.
Did anyone miss me at home? How ll i be received
when i get back? Were ll I tell them i passed the
I knew for certain i couldn't tell anyone i had slept
with Ehis, the thought of me sleeping in a boy's
house would make my parents freak out.
Even Ehis will not be free from the imbroglio that
will surely follow.Silently, i prayed that Ruth's plan
works out.
My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. I picked it
up, it was Hannah. I looked at the wall clock to
ascertain the time before answering.
"Better start coming now" she said, in a hush tone.
"its still dark, its just 4 a.m" i protested, stealing
another glance at the wall clock.
"better come now that everyone is asleep" she
replied and ended the call.
I never fully understood what the plan was, but from
Hannah's voice, i knew i had to hurry.
I tapped Ehis, lightly to wake him up.
"Hannah said we should start coming" i whispered
to him.
"This early?" He replied, trying to reach for the light
We got up slowly and prepared to leave. I took off
the cloths Ehis had given, and wore the cloths i left
home with.
Ehis grabbed his keys and we made our way outside
towards the car.
The compound was much quieter now, everyone
was asleep. Most of the lights were switched off,
making the entire compound dark. I sort of prefared
it this way.
We entered the car and Ehis drove of, towards
Hannah's house.
Much like the hostel, the city was very quiet and
devoid of human activities too, but the street lights
kept the roads and surroundings bright.
A few meters away, we could see a group of people,
clothed in black carrying touchlights.
It was a police check point. As soon as the officers
caught sight of the car, they planted themselves in
the middle of the road and ordered Ehis to pull over.
He parked conviniently at the side of the road,
awaiting the policemen. The sight of the policemen
brought some chills.
I became scared as i recognized one of the men
approaching. A rather short, funny looking man, He
was a friend of my father.
I slumped on the seat instantly, staring down with
my chin almost touching my chest.
"were are you coming from and were are you going
to at this time of the night" one of the officers
I paid no attention to their conversation, i was busy
trying to hide my face from one of the officers.
As they ended their conversation, one of the officers
pointed his touch at my face.
I faced the opposite direction, and put my hands
across my face to protect my eyes from the blinding
rays of the light.
"hey let me see your face" the officer ordered.
I turned around slowly, without removing my hand
from my face. I put the other hand across my chest,
to protect my bosoms.
I was putting on a loose singlet, and my Tips pointed
outwards. I was slightly embarrassed, and feared
being recognized at the same time.
"so na ashawo u carry" the officer commented,
before ordering us to proceed.
"why was that man looking at you"? Ehis asked.
That very question sent cold shivers down my spine.
I could only hope he did not recognise me.
Few minutes later, we arrived at Hannah's house.
The compound was quite, and well lighted, and
surrounded by a low fence that made it visible.
I called Hannah to let her know that we were
outside. Ehis and i sat patiently inside the car, just in
front of the gate, anticipating her arrival.
About three minutes later, Hannah emerged from
the side of the building, and hurried straight to the
She opened the door to my seat, pulling me slightly
out of the car.
"Ehis bye bye," she said, waving hurriedly at Ehis.
He started the engines and drove away. I took a
careful look at Hannah. She did not look like had
slept at all.
She was putting on a pair of trousers and a t-shirt,
with a small bag tied around her hips.
The perfume from her cloths and the make up on
her face clearly painted the picture of someone who
had been outdoors, probably partying.
"lets go, be quiet" she said, as we tiptoed towards
the side of the fence.
She stood on her toes and stretched across to
observe the compound.
"follow me" she ordered, as she climbed over the
fence into the compound.
I followed her lead, and we were both inside the
compound. The house was fairly big, probably a
four bedroom flat. It had the design of a church,
with several doors at the side.
We tiptoed to a door at the side of the house.
Hannah searched through her bag and brought out
a key to open the door.
As soon as we were in, she closed the door gently,
and put the key back into her bag.
She flicked a switch, and a light bulb came on. We
tip toed into a bedroom close to the entrance and
made our way in.
Hannah collapsed on the bed instantly. She must
have been exhausted. It was almost 5 a.m.
I crawled up beside her on the bed and laid still.
There was no way i could sleep, i had no idea what i
was doing here.
The six o'clock alarm buzzed, and Hannah sprang up
from her bed. She tapped me lightly probably to
wake me up.
"If anybody asks, we both slept in this room" she
said, pulling her ear with her hands.
I nodded sheepishly, like the naive little girl i was.
The plan had gradually began to make sense to me.
"wait I'm coming", she said as she walked gently out
of her room.
I laid back on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. It
would be much easier for my parents to swallow if i
told them i slept in Hannah's house. It made more
sense to me.
Elsewhere, i could hear slight arguement between
two people. One voice was Hannah's, i couldn't quite
figure out whose voice the other was.
I sat up to and tried to listen to their conversation,
but i got nothing.
Moments later the door to the room flew open.
Hannah entered, followed closely by her elder sister.
"good morning ma" i stood up immediately to greet.
"morning, hope you slept well" she responded
I simply nodded my head in answer.
"Sorry for what happened, its not easy to have such
parents, i hope you can talk things over with them if
they let you in" she said in a friendly tone, parting
my back slightly.
I had no idea what Hannah had told her, but what
ever it was glad she bought it.
Hannah motioned me to the bathroom, i took a
shower hurriedly and dressed up. I put on Hannah's
cloths. I couldn't walk in day light with the cloths i
came with.
She offered me some money, and saw me off to the
gate. I waited patiently for about fifteen minutes,
before flagging down a taxi heading towards my
I could almost hear my heart beat ad we
approached my house. I kept wondering what the
reception will be like. I had no idea what had
happened the previous night after my "prison


19 May 2015 23:42

next. ella has ruined her life

20 May 2015 01:11

Episode 23 pls

20 May 2015 06:56

The bad company Ruth keeps has rubbed off on her. Parents, be more vigillant towards your daughters!!! I wish her parents(Ruth's) would not hold back from their discipline. Good parents!!!

20 May 2015 11:22

Ok, i must confess, d story is interesting but d episodes r coming too far apart, pls post d episodes faster, tanx.

20 May 2015 14:19

Now you and Ehis has finally doen it and without protection this time so you stand a chance of getting pregnant nd contacting infections

20 May 2015 14:25

Though your parents were wrong by not educating you properly but you should have listen to them.

22 May 2015 22:54

next episode pls

22 May 2015 22:58

Episode pls

22 May 2015 23:56


23 May 2015 14:42

By the time ur eye go open u go get belle and ehis will deny it Lobatan

25 May 2015 18:27

Next episode plssssssss

25 May 2015 19:25

interesting Next

25 May 2015 19:59

Wow,interesting,ur parents ould atleast teach u on certain things lyk dis dan to be over protection,cos it do spoils so many things.well nxt episode fast

25 May 2015 20:50

y is it takin u weeks to post d next episode

26 May 2015 02:17

Abike is one example of those who go to church just for fun.The bible says in "Proverbs10:23."...Engaging in shameful conducts is like a gae to the stupid one,but wisdom is for the man of discernment..To you,you may think its fun,stories that will corrupt many innocent ones are not in harmony with what God requires from us,we were not created to please ourselves or ive life the way we want,rather,we were created to do our best to please God despite our sins of imperfection,so please i use "Proverbs1:10," to encourage everyone of us,it urges us and it says,"My son,if sinners try to entice you,do not consent.."And to you ABIKE the story writer,same proverbs1:8&9 says,listen,my son,to d discipline of your father,and do not forsake the instruction of your mother,they are attractive wreath for your head and a fine ornament for you neck.. .by chosing a shameful lifestyle,you hav forsake the instructions of ur parents,its better u change nd repent before its too late

4 Jun 2015 22:18

Godwin you can't crucifies abike for posting a very interesting story in literature religion bigotry should be avoid speak according to what was posted for Christ sake

5 Jun 2015 08:05

@ Godwin. what if what happened to the guy in that novel now happens to u how will u deal with it
what most of us refuse to understand is the fact that, there are ways to deal with some societal factors. I really hate that comment of urs I hate it and I know what u lack. you are one of those who try to preach knowledge to wiser people. I am a Christian and I have great pastors as my mentor yet I remained very radical towards writing I wrote with sincere heart and I comment with sincerity as well that's why you won't see my comment on a piece like this. what you tried to addressed is a very reasonable and sensible one but the structure of ur statement it faulty and illogical. so please try to be critical in ur thinking and never jump to conclusion as if you are God. "more to come if u still wishes I continue" THANKS